Cranking up the volume at HullBID Fashion Week

Gigs taking place on Whitefriargate through the retail store windows

Gigs taking place on Whitefriargate through the retail store windows

Up-and-coming musicians from Hull are being given an opportunity to showcase their talents by playing a live gig from within a retail store window, which has been audio-enabled by Feonic Technology’s Whispering Window invisible speakers.

The daily gigs will be taking place at one of Hull’s busiest high streets, Whitefriargate, as part of this week’s HullBID Fashion Week.

HullBID partnered with Feonic to create a unique platform for musicians to showcase their talent.  By attaching the Whispering Window technology inside the store window, people inside and outside of the store can hear the music being played.

Fruit Trade Music, also based in the city, will be providing the sound equipment and musicians.

Kathryn Shillito, city centre manager of HullBID said: “HullBID Fashion Week features more than 30 different events and Whispering Windows in Whitefriargate is certainly one of the most unique. “The musicians involved will perform in an empty shop window while the music will be heard in the street, thanks to Feonic’s technology. We feel it is a really unusual way of showcasing live music and it is also an economic way of encouraging people to get involved in HullBID Fashion Week.”

Storefront Window Display Attracting Attention

Crowds go Wow. Storefront Window Performance. Audio inside and out by Feonic

Brian Smith, Feonic’s CEO added: “HullBID Fashion Week is quickly becoming one of the major events in Hull’s cultural calendar and we are really excited to be playing our part, as a local business. By using our Whispering Window technology to audio-enable a store window on Whitefriargate, up-and-coming musicians will get their chance to showcase their talents to the wider local community in a fantastically unique setting, while everyone on the street will be able to enjoy a real live show atmosphere.  It may also ignite the imagination of other stores and venues to develop new and creative ways to engage with customers, as proven by Peter Jones in London who reported a 40% increase in sales when running a Feonic powered window promotion.”

For more details on the calendar of events for HullBID Fashion Week, or to view the line-up of musicians performing at Whitefriargate, visit

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