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Feonic: change the way you think about sound

 PLAY New York, USA. Fashion Week with Whispering Window Speakers video
Whispering Window Introduction Video
Grab the attention of potential customers
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Invisible Speakers Introduction Video
Turn anything into a speaker? Walls, tables, floors, ceilings, glass.

Feonic design, develop and manufacture a range of invisible speaker products in the UK. We can help you transform your audio and visual experience. Whether for your business, home, museum or sound art installation, we have a solution for you.

Retail Window Displays : Independent research on the use of Whispering Window® for promotional campaigns has shown consistent results. Increased shopper engagement; increased footfall; and increased sales. Up to 40% sales boost in the first week of a campaign.

Interactive Advertising : Attract attention to interactive advertising such as augmented reality promotions using Screen-Smart Device Interaction (SSI)

Peel and Stick : Feonic Whispering Window® instantly turn windows into massive glass speakers. A Whispering Window audio transducer can be installed in minutes using supplied super-bond pads. No screws, no damage to walls, window frames or surfaces and they are easily hidden. Both unobtrusive and low profile.

Live Events : MultiSensory Marketing, using theatrical effects in-window. Store windows turn heads when brought to life by sound.

Popup Gigs : Transform the store window into a stage with an invisible speaker. Fans get really close to the performer without security compromise or extensive outside broadcast equipment.

Home Audio : Multi-room audio systems without bulky boxes, mounting brackets and visible wires cluttering up your interior surfaces. Our Invisible Speakers are easily installed behind walls, floors and ceilings for great sound without design compromise. Painless installation without plastering and re-decorating.

Office and Boardroom Audio : Turn your boardroom table into a speaker. Install behind wood panelling or create invisible ceiling speakers.

Hi Frequency Signal Transmission : Feonic audio transducers can deliver signals of 22KHz and above enabling them to be used to transmit continuous sonic signals enabling detailed content delivery to your mobile device.

Outdoor Advertising Promotions

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