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Flat Panel Speakers - Turn any Surface into a Speaker

The best flat wall speakers have to be no speakers at all

Feonic have a 15 year history developing surface speakers. We've pioneered new markets along the way. Such as Whispering Window® for retail, and the often imitated Soundbug® kid friendly gadget. Our technology isn't suited to cheap gadgets you attach to cereal boxes. This is a professional audio technology suitable for an endless range of home and business sound applications.

Take a look at some of our many case studies. You'll find examples for invisible speakers around the home; advertising from store windows; sound art installations including picture speakers and more. We can help you turn any surface into a speaker - it just has to be resonant. That is, makes a nice sound when tapped. A brick or lump of concrete? No. A wall, wooden floor, glass panel, ceiling, sheet metal? Yes.

Picture Frame Speakers - Turn your favourite artwork into a flat speaker

Picture frame speakers turning artwork into the thinnest flat wall speakers
" people run their fingertips over the contours of the silk embroidery, couched with conductive silver thread, they complete a circuit. And trigger a fragment of poetry that plays through the Feonic speaker attached to the rear of the stitched piece"
Read the case study PDF and watch the video on vimeo

Picture frame speakers project by Adriana Paice. Intimate sound played just for the viewer.

An alternative approach to loudspeakers is to convert an artwork into a flat speaker. The picture frame hides the audio technology: the surface generates the sound.

This approach may be appropriate for temporary art installations which require sound. Or where a surface mount speaker on a wall panel is not appropriate or practical. Additionally, this technique ensures the sound comes from the print, photograph or painting itself. Creating an exciting immersive audio experience without speaker boxes or grilles.

We should show you an image of one of our invisible speaker solutions here. But there is nothing to see. Take a look at your wall, ceiling or floor...
that's what your flat panel speakers will look like

Of course you will need something to create the sound. See the photo on the sidebar top-right (mobile/tablet users click here). The drive is screw mounted on, under or behind surfaces. The biggest in our range has the same footprint as a smartphone and is a few inches high. The smallest is a little bigger than a matchbox.

You've already decided you don't want or can't use a traditional box loudspeaker. Why settle for a traditional flat panel speaker? Just use everyday surfaces for the thinnest speakers possible.

Invisible Speakers for Immersive Museum Installations

Museum Maritime Exhibit walkway surface converted into a speaker
Prince Fredericks Barge. UK Maritime Museum immersive sound effects
"I'm a big fan of Feonic F1.3's and have used them many times to great effect.

In this case the devices allow us to invisibly transform a 10 meter long wooden walkway into a multichannel speaker array.
The walkway runs alongside the boat and sound emanates from the entire surface of its structure. Listeners are able to associate sound with the exhibit directly and intuitively. More so than if the sound were to come from an obvious loudspeaker.

Loudspeakers say to the listener 'I am a loudspeaker', instead we want the sound to speak for itself".

Sound Designer/Installer Nick Ryan

Any Surface Speaker Drives

Flat Speakers are created when a surface transducer applies vibration to a resonant panel. Our surface transducers, when attached to resonant materials, emit sound from both sides of the entire surface.

This approach enables you to hide the small transducer near the edge of a panel. Perhaps at the bottom of an internal wall where it can be hidden by furniture. Or mounted on the reverse side of a surface making it completely invisible. Besides great quality audio you also get a more even sound distribution. The entire panel emits the sound; preventing "too loud" hotspots.

Loudspeakers: always at or near eye level: always in line of sight. Why?

Either Feonic approach (hidden or invisible) avoids the clutter of visible loudspeakers with wires and brackets.

Always at or near eye level: always in line of sight.
And this visible distraction for a technology for the ears not the eyes.

Alternatively, you may go for a loudspeaker embedded in a ceiling, wall or display case. But this results in an untidy grille or some other obvious cover. Which always look out of place and can attract dirt. Choose Feonic to avoid clutter and an expensive and messy installation.

Traditional loudspeakers need to be in light of sight, so you can't help but notice them. Most typical flat panel speakers are thin but still boxes mounted in clear view. Usually black and only slightly less obvious than their more boxy cousins. Our technology can be virtually or totally invisible. And operate as wireless speakers as wires are easy to hide.

Magnetostrictive Transducer : Massive Power - Micro Amplitude

UK based Feonic are experts in the field of magnetostriction. A technology like piezoelectric but using a smart material which produces massive force at low amplitude. Our flat panel speakers create great sound from tiny micro vibrations. Both sides of the panel emit the sound, creating what is sometimes known as a distributed mode loudspeaker (dml). Our surface speakers work on curved surfaces too; not limited to flat panels. Read more about magnetostriction on wikipedia.

Both sides emit a high quality dispersed sound field for an immersive surround sound experience. The entire panel emits modest sound levels but over a huge area. Lower amplitude of vibration leads to less stress on materials: no surface damage. Our surface transducers are capable of a wide frequency range from around 50Hz up to ultrasonic frequencies of 22KHz. Perfect for music, voice messages or special effects.

Where are our Flat Panel Speakers used?

Use our vibration speaker technology behind, or on walls, as ceiling speakers and even under floor speakers. Thin speakers for picture frames or completely flat where the surface is the speaker. Also, for the commercial sector, we have the Whispering Window® range. Which converts store windows into giant flat speakers. Boosting attraction to window displays.

  • Play the sound of the ocean, oars splashing, timbers creaking as in the maritime gallery example above.
  • Play a poem from an artwork.
  • Enable museum visitors to hear an instrument quietly from the glass of the display case.
  • Mount around the home for sound zones in every room including halls and bathrooms.
  • Nothing visible - just sound.

No matter the application, the crucial factor is that the vibration speaker drive is out of sight, only the original surface is visible. Which we think makes the Feonic solution the utimate Flat Panel Speaker.

Learn more about our vibration speaker technology or contact us or use the contact details below for more information on how to use our surface transducers to turn any surface into a flat speaker.

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