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Flat Panel Speakers - Turn any Surface into a Speaker

Feonic have a 15 year history developing magnetostriction powered flat panel speakers. Creating new markets such as Whispering Window®, for retail, and Soundbug®, for gadgets, along the way. Our technology isn't suited to cheap gadgets you attach to cereal packets: this is a serious technology suitable for an endless range of professional sound applications. Take a look at some of our many case studies.

Museum Maritime Exhibit walkway becomes a speaker
Prince Fredericks Barge. Maritime Museum immersive sound effects
"I'm a big fan of Feonic F1.3's and have used them many times to great effect. In this case the devices allowed us to invisibly transform a 10 meter long wooden walkway into a multichannel speaker array. As the walkway runs alongside the boat and the sound emanates from the entire surface of its structure I believe listeners are able to associate sound with the exhibit more directly and more intuitively than if the sound were to be provided by a loudspeaker. Loudspeakers inevitably say to the listener 'I am a loudspeaker', instead we wanted the sound to speak for itself".

Sound Designer/Installer Nick Ryan

Flat Panel Speakers are created when a sound transducer applies vibration to a surface. Our sound transducers, when attached to resonant surfaces, emit sound across the entire surface of the panel. This approach avoids the clutter of visible box speakers and ensure a more even sound distribution, preventing "too loud" hotspots. Our sound transducers are capable of a wide frequency range from around 50Hz up to ultrasonic frequencies of 22KHz.

The flat panel speaker approach to generating sound can turn any surface into a speaker. You already have the panel surface: your walls, floors, ceilings, windows or outdoor wooden decking provide the flat panel. We provide the sound transducer and can help with expertise on how to install the drives to best effect. This combination negates the need for intrusive boxes mounted in highly visible locations or for extensive, expensive and messy installation. Instead you get an on wall speaker which, with careful positioning, can be virtually invisible.

Magnetostrictive Transducer : Massive Power - Micro Amplitude

Feonic are experts in the field of magnetostriction, a technology similar to piezoelectric but using a smart material which produces massive force at low amplitude. Our flat panel speakers create great sound from tiny micro vibrations. Both sides of the panel emit the sound, creating what is sometimes known as a distributed mode loudspeaker (dml). These 'surface speakers' can be curved surfaces; not strictly limited to flat panels. Read more about magnetostriction on wikipedia.

Magnetostrictive Transducers generate massive power but crucially with non damaging micro amplitude. Ensuring sound emanates from an area tens or hundreds of times as large as traditional 'point source' loudspeakers. This is the key to the immersive surround sound quality of the music, voice message or special effects. Additionally, the sound decays quite quickly reducing noise pollution problems. And you get stereo too, even from a single panel.

Sound Transducer creating Flat Panel Speaker
A resonant surface with our massive power but low amplitude magnetostrictive transducer.

Both side emit a high quality dispersed sound field for an immersive surround sound experience. Circles indicate how the entire panel emits relatively modest sound levels but over a huge area. Lower amplitude of vibration leads to less stress on materials: the surface won't be damaged in any way. Learn more about our vibration speaker technology or contact us or use the contact details below for more information on how to use our flat panel speakers to turn any surface into a speaker.

Flat Panel Speaker transducer
Turn Any Surface into a Speaker : drywall, wood, metal and other resonant surfaces become panel speakers
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