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Vibration Speaker Technology - Massive Force : Micro Vibrations

The Feonic Surface Speaker creates music, audio effects and clear voice communication from resonant surfaces.
Fit without fuss in minutes. For Commerce, Retail Advertising, Office / School / Hotel Communication, Home & more

Attract attention to Store Window Display with audio effects
Grab Attention. Crowds go wow at a live music event in TOPSHOP, Oxford Street, London.
Even live music become possible from a storefront window with Feonic Vibration Speakers.
Vibration Speaker - Wireless Bluetooth - stick on surfaces

Feonic products are suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • home audio systems
  • commercial premises advertising and innovative promotions - indoor and outdoors (OOH adverts)
  • boardroom, offices, cleanrooms, schools and presentation theatres
  • hotels and care homes. Entertainment, information and low frequency sound masking
  • multi-zone ambient sound for restaurants, galleries or museums
  • artworks and museum display cases

Attach a Feonic surface transducer to a solid resonant surface and you've got a high quality resonance speaker. A surface which envelops the listener in immersive sound. Powerful, portable, robust and easy to install without specialist skills or extensive re-working of surfaces.

Engineered with powerful magnetostrictive technology using the highest power Smart Material known. Uniquely generates sound from the heaviest and lightest of resonant surfaces. Heavy surfaces such as bomb proof store windows and solid oak flooring. Lighter surfaces such as wooden tables, drywall / plasterboard, acrylic, perspex, metal and more. The low amplitude (excursion) of the magnetostrictive approach ensures surfaces are not cracked or damaged by excessive vibration.

Heals Interactive Audio Window
Turning a window into a speaker: for interactive window display advertising. Solutions for Retail, Home Audio, Office and Outdoor Speakers

Surface Speaker solutions fall into these broad categories

  • Flat Panel Speakers : turn surfaces into speakers. Many materials for multiple applications.
  • Invisible Speakers : installed behind or under surfaces. Nothing to see and effectively wireless from a visual perspective.
  • Invisible In Wall Speakers : the drive is inside a wall cavity. Requires more effort to install but with the option of our own honeycomb panels for extra performance.
  • Hidden Speakers : the drive is visible but is easy to install out of sight. Fits in minutes without plastering and decorating. The entire panel becomes a surface speaker. The best vibration speaker solution for a tighter budget and easy installation.
  • Outdoor Deck Speakers : mount drives on or under wooden decks for all weather resistant sound on the patio. For home, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Resonance Speaker created from Resonant Surfaces

Plexiglass audio visual art installation
Plexiglass surfaces turned into invisible speakers for Audiovisual artwork SLABS by Adriano Abbado - on video
music by Stephanie L Ku -

A resonant surface is a solid material that makes a pleasant sound when tapped. A wooden door or a glass window is resonant. A brick or a rock isn't resonant. Mount a Feonic vibration speaker onto a resonant surface to generate high power micro vibrations. Outputting a wide range of frequencies from 40Hz to ultrasonic at 22KHz.

The sound generated from the surface disperses as a flat field through the panel. Meaning all people in front of the panel or surface will hear the same immersive surround sound at the same volume level. Avoids "too loud" hotspots. An ideal technology for everything from under floor speakers, to ceiling speakers and even glass speakers.

Positioning of our audio transducer is not as critical as with alternative speakers. The latter have to be in "line of sight" and therefore all too obvious to the listener. For sound art installations or museums the ability to hide a speaker can be critical:

"Loudspeakers inevitably say to the listener 'I am a loudspeaker', instead we want the sound to speak for itself".
Sound Designer Nick Ryan referring to his use of Feonic resonance speakers in a museum installation.

In Wall Speakers - Panel becomes a speaker
In Wall Speakers for bespoke interiors. High quality sound without design compromise. No wires, no boxes, no grilles.
Glass Speakers Installation - Sound Transducer Speaker on Surfaces
Window Speaker Installation. Install in minutes. Use our mounting plate for 4 screw installation on drywall, metal, wood etc.
“We saw a sales increase of over 40% in the first week”

Kevin Scully, Peter Jones, London

“Delilah's pop up gig at TOPSHOP - a world first”

Prask Sutton 76 to the present

“I can't get over how many people stop outside the store”

Chloe Peart, PR Officer, Heals, London

“Peel and stick - it's really that simple to install!”

Matt at Fable Maze

“You have no idea where the sound is coming from”

CNN News Broadcast, London


What's the differences between Feonic Invisible Speakers and alternative technologies?

Table showing amplitude of micro vibrations
Micro Vibrations (low excursion) is good. High vibration (large excursion) from traditional speakers is bad. Latter can damage surfaces.

Feonic's unique micro-vibration amplitude is non damaging and suited to driving many structures. The amplitude of vibration alternative speakers use can be 300 times greater than a Feonic surface transducer. This means that alternatives can generate damaging vibrations. Additionally, Feonic vibration speaker drives can emit low and very high frequencies. Down to 40Hz, and up to ultrasonic sound at around 22KHz. Feonic drives also have the advantage of being small, portable, all weather resistant and are simple to install and remove.

How do Feonic vibration speakers work? The Wall of Sound

We use magnetostrictive smart materials to create wide frequency vibrations within surfaces. Developed using advanced military sonar technology, in collaboration with the University of Hull. Feonic's award winning and multi patented technology is like no other vibration speaker product on the market. This is not a toy or gadget technology for cardboard boxes and the like.

Not all surface vibration speakers are the same. Superficially similar to a piezoelectric transducer, our products deliver high power and exceptional audio quality from the smallest vibrations. Vibrations up to 300 times smaller amplitude than alternatives. This micro vibration approach is a critical factor in avoiding damage to structures and to ensure high audio quality.

How does the audio signal transmit through the panel?

Mount our audio transducers on either side of a surface, as the energy radiates throughout the panel.

Acoustic power spreads across the panel. With an even percentage of the signal split into many 'nodes' emitted from both the front and rear surface at equal volumes.

The size of the panel determines the number of these nodes and the power that the surface transducer needs to deliver. We have a range of products (below) for different panel sizes and applications.

One Sound Transducer creating a wall of speakers

Sound Transducer creating speaker on panel
Turning a panel into a speaker : create a 'wall of speakers'. One drive generates equal levels of sound from a very wide area.

In what ways do Feonic Surface Speakers Sound Better than traditional loudspeakers?

Due to the output of powerful micro vibrations, Feonic transducers activate large areas of windows, walls, floors or ceilings. Generating sound into the volume of space around the entire surface. In this window speaker example a single sound transducer powers a window. Delivering a controlled wall of sound over the entire surface area.

This allows passersby to hear the music or promotional message while they walk past the full length of the window. And at a constant volume without the sound getting annoyingly louder as they approach the speaker.

The consistent audio output is controllable to avoid noise pollution.

Problems with traditional loudspeaker technology

Traditional loudspeaker PA equipment mounted outside the building are subject to abuse from the weather, vandalism and potential theft. Wires are run through walls, either drilled through brickwork or window frames. Mounting brackets likewise are drilled into the fabric of the building. Alternatively, Feonic drives are safe inside: fit without fuss in minutes. Usually, on the rear of the surface that will produce the sound.

The sound is louder the closer you get to the loudspeaker - a "too loud" hotspot is the result. Conversely, the volume drops rapidly the further away from the loudspeaker you are. To compensate for this traditional loudspeakers are often too loud, leading to noise pollution issues.

Too loud? And too quiet? Try Feonic technology for volume that is just right for your application and for all your audience in any application, not just those lucky enough to be situated in the volume or stereo sweet spot.

Even Distribution of sound from Flat Panel Speaker
Outdoor Speaker Loud when too close

Unique Audio Solutions for street perfomances : musicians inside, audio inside and outside with Whispering Window Glass Speakers. Click image to watch the performance.

Summary of benefits of using Feonic Vibration Speakers

  • For Glass Speakers - install in seconds - peel and stick - no screws or mounting issues. Simply screw onto other surfaces.
  • Compact and Portable. Plug and Play. Use traditional home audio amplifiers or professional audio equipment
  • Non damaging micro-vibration technology. Environmentally friendly - low power consumption & high acoustic efficiency
  • Wide bandwidth - high intelligibility audio transducer supporting 40Hz - 20KHz
  • Ultrasonic Transducer options for 'silent' communication between 18KHz and 22KHz
  • Maintenance free - solid state, reliable, no moving parts, easy to install, move and replace. Magnetostrictive smart material has a long history in US Naval use
  • Controllable output - reduced noise pollution. Respect your neighbours and your audience with volume that is 'just right'. No annoying audio 'Hot Spots'
  • Cost efficient market entry - low installation and maintenance costs. No outdoor PA system safety or security issues
  • Infection control - inert to MRSA and other airborne bacteria
  • Water resistant (IP55) design and construction - good for all weather outdoor speaker use. Will operate in high humidity and high/low temperature extremes
  • Sounds great. Particularly the immersive quality of the sound.

Surface Speaker Audio Drives

Our resonance speakers can be purchased direct - phone +44 (0)1482 806 688 or email for pricing or to find an installer or reseller near you.

Need help deciding which drive is right for you? Get the Specifications

Feonic F1PRO Audio Drive

  • Powerful voice/music surface speaker drive. For Interior Walls, Windows, Ceiling Speakers, Under Floor Speakers.
  • Sound level typically up to circa 92dBA
  • Bandwidth - 60Hz - 20kHz
  • Amplitude - 10µm @ 100Hz
  • Applications include home audio equipment; office and boardroom audio visual systems; Whispering Window, interactive advertising displays; waterproof speakers; outdoor deck speakers; public spaces and more.
  • Size 141 x 57 x 56 mm
F1 Pro Audio Transducer

Feonic F4PRO Audio Drive

  • Compact versatile smaller panel speaker. For intimate, controllable sound.
  • Low power typically 10W - 20W
  • Sound level typically loud conversation level (circa 80dB)
  • Applications include picture frame speakers, museum display cases, bus shelter advertising, point of sale kiosks, vending machines, portable sound systems, small rooms and demonstrators.
  • Bandwidth - 100Hz - 20kHz
  • Amplitude - 7µm @ 100Hz
  • Size 76.5 x 46 x 26mm
F4 Pro Audio Drive Sound Transducers

Boxed Solutions

Presenter Pro (Stereo) - Turn a table into a speaker

  • Portable vibration speaker. Stereo dual drive F4PRO solution for office and boardroom presentations without the need for bulky PA speakers. Just place on top of a table for a portable speaker solution. Or for a more permanent installation mount underneath the table using a mounting kit. You've now turned the table into an invisible speaker.
  • Supplied with F110S amplifier, PSU, cables
  • International power heads
  • Headphone plug for maximum flexibility. Just plug into a mini-headphone socket as found on notebooks, smartphones, tablets etc.
  • Soft pouch for protection and portability
  • Click to learn more
Office Presentation Speaker - turn a table into a speaker

F1.3 Demonstration Kit

  • Portable dual drive F1PRO solution for resellers, sound artists, sensory marketers etc to experiment, trial and demonstrate the unique capabilities of our invisible speaker technology
  • Supplied with F110S amplifier, PSU, cables
  • International power heads
  • Headphone plug for maximum flexibility
  • Soft pouch for protection and portability
F1 Pro Audio Transducer Drives Kit

Whispering Window boxed set*

  • 2 x F1PRO Audio Transducer Drives, for simpler glass panel speaker installations
  • Connecting cable 3.5mm x 2 phono x 1m
  • Audio drive cables 2 x 1.5m
  • Adhesive pads
  • Whispering Window instruction manual
  • * note amplifier not supplied, we can advise amplifier options

Ben Rhodes of Heals commented "The discovery of Feonic's Whispering Window® technology has really brought this whole project to life. In a matter of seconds, the speakers were attached to the windows, without any intrusive installation or potentially damaging external fixings. It was just so easy. As soon as we started testing the drives, people were stopping at the window as they could hear the test audio." Read more (PDF approx 500Kb)
Whispering Window Retail Store Window Speakers
Need more detailed information? See the Technical Specifications page

Made to Order Ultrasonic Exciter and Sound Transducer Solutions

The Feonic Special Product Division (FSPD) designs application specific audio equipment to suit bespoke client needs.

This includes:
  • Inbuilt devices for Digital Signage, Spatial Augmented Reality, Interactive Advertising
  • Inbuilt devices for promotional items, Sensory Marketing, Sound Art Installations
  • Specific frequency range devices, for ultrasonic marketing, communication and triggering
  • Anti social behaviour modification systems using positive sounds to promote better behaviour (PDF). Ideal for malls and the high street

Please make contact to discuss any specific needs.

Surface Suitability and Material Sensitivity

Materials such as stone, cement, tile on a solid floor, block, brick and cast cement structures cannot emit sound using Feonic Vibration Speaker Technology.

The best materials that can be turned into a panel speaker include: wood, MDF and all sheet woods, glass, plastic sheet (acrylic/polycarbonate) over 6mm in thickness, aluminium, steel (up to around 6mm), plasterboard and other drywall materials, reinforced plastic, grp, reinforced sheet cement, resin boards, honeycomb boards, aluminium, paper, resin and polymer, aluminium extrusions and hollow profiles.

Peel and Stick installation in minutes on glass. Mount with 4 screws on other surfaces
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