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Feonic FXPRO Audio Drive Case Studies
For Retail: Up to 40% sales uplift. Attract Attention to Digital Signage & Interactive Retail Displays
Museums, Galleries, Artworks and more

Unique Retail Display Ideas

Whispering Window converts passers by into customers. Click blue links for PDF Case Studies.

Add sounds persuasive power to your best digital signage display ideas

Museums, Galleries, Artworks, Sound Installations and more

Complete audio and interactive solutions: media playback, gesture or touch control and through glass motion sensing.

Communicate with consumers and promote products, brands or services with more punch than a silent display ever could.

 PLAY Attract attention to Store Window Display with audio effects
Grab Attention. Crowds go wow at a live music event in TOPSHOP, Oxford Street, London.
Even live music shows become possible from your storefront with Feonic Surface Speakers. Speakers inside: sound outside.

Peel and Stick installation in minutes on glass. Mount with 4 screws on other surfaces.
Ideal for outdoor promotions and events.

Easy Installation, Re-Positioning and Removal

Use Feonic Surface Speaker technology to turn both sides of a window, or other resonant surface, into a giant speaker. Use ordinary audio sources and amplifiers or we can supply suitable equipment.

Mount using a sticky pad on glass. Peel and Stick. Or screw onto other surfaces. Install in minutes. Easy removal.

Outdoor Advertising Association Statement - (now OutSmart)

"The use of audio in innovative out of home advertising has been limited by the inability to meet the stringent environmental demands of both the quality and control of sound. Whispering Window® uses Feonic technology to deliver subtle, effective and controlled sound. Ideal when used in outdoor advertising or as part of a retail display campaign. Feonic have the ability to convert all sorts of smooth, hard surfaces, as well as windows, into loudspeakers. This represents a paradigm shift for the outdoor and in-store media industry."
Alan James CEO Outdoor Advertising Association. The UK based Outdoor Media Centre is now branded as Outsmart.

Contact us today and you can quickly benefit from our fifteen year experience in retail promotions using sound or we'll help you find the ideal promotion and advertising agency with experience using our audio technology.

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