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Invisible Speaker Applications : Sound without Speakers

Feonic delivers so much more than typical speakers. For Commercial and Home Applications

Attract attention to Store Window Display with audio effects
Grab Attention to your Digital Signage and Out of Home Advertising.
Crowds go wow at a live music event in TOPSHOP, Oxford Street, London.
Even live music shows become possible from your storefront with Feonic Window Speakers.

Digital Signage, Out of Home Advertising, Bus Shelters and Transport Information Points: Surface speaker technology powers sound from both sides of surfaces. Reduced vandalism, no water ingress and cleaner design. No dirty grilles.

Listed Buildings: Ideal for historic buildings. No out of place boxes, grilles or visible wiring. Multi-zoned, wireless, invisible audio from a floor. Switchable to a single PA channel for music or speech.

PA Sound Reinforcement: Deliver crystal clear audio in large spaces. Galleries, churches, factories. No echoes or reverberations. Speech and music that can actually be heard clearly.

Outdoor & Waterproof Applications: IP55 and with clever placement provides a waterproof speaker capability. Impervious to humidity, rain, heat, frost or snow. Use as deck speakers, or for a sauna or wetroom.

Marine: Having passed rigorous Japanese salt water tests, our audio equipment is an ideal choice for waterproof speakers for commercial marine and yachts.

Infection Control Audio Technology: No moving parts, no maintenance, impervious to moisture. Resistant to MRSA and other airborne infection. No dirt magnet boxes forcing particles into the air. Ideal for Public Announcement in cleanrooms. Undisturbed smooth surfaces are easy to clean.

V&A Museum Sound. Display case with musical instruments
Resonant Bodies by Sound Artist Caroline Devine
Victoria And Albert Museum, London. Museum Sound Installation.
Musical instruments can be heard as well as seen.

Museum Display Case Sound: Enjoy immersive audio from the glass surfaces of museum display cases. Provide music, sound effects or spoken language (perhaps many languages?). Hear the sound of a musical instrument exhibited inside the case. The sound decays quickly: no sound pollution. No dirty headphones. No untidy grilles or visible boxes.

Unique Micro Vibration Audio: wide bandwidth micro-vibrations: less than 0.002% of other loudspeakers. This ensures there is no damage to structures or delicate surfaces.

Bus Shelter Advertising with Audio and Digital Signage
Digital Signage, Out of Home Advertising, Bus Shelter Ads. Transformed by sound.
Attract attention to your adverts without attracting attention to dirt magnet grilles or easy to vandalise speakers.

Sound Without Speakers -

Case Studies

Feonic technology has a power and flexibility that no other invisible speaker can match. More powerful sonically than generic gadgets, much easier to install than in wall speakers.

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Contact us today and you can benefit from our fifteen years of experience in invisible audio solutions. We'll explain all you need to know on how to get sound without speakers.

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