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Hidden Outdoor Deck Speakers - Surfaces become Waterproof Speakers

Outdoor deck speakers needn't be bulky and obtrusive. Plastic rocks with grilles look just that - plastic, with grilles. Instead, turn your entire wooden deck surface into a concealed and waterproof outdoor speaker. Our pro-audio equipment uses high power vibrations to turn resonant surfaces into surface speakers. Ideal for surfaces such as wood, metal, glass and drywall.

 PLAY Composite wooden deck turned into a surface panel speaker
Composite wooden deck turned into a speaker : Click image to watch the video

They work outdoors, all year round and are weather resistant to sun, rain, snow or frost. They require no maintenance, can be pressure washed and will not deteriorate with time. Waterproof to IP55 standard, more on IP Codes on wikipedia.

Invisible Outdoor Speakers for your Deck, Wooden Walkways and Patio Surfaces

Use on any external location that has a resonant surface. Resonant meaning it makes a pleasant sound when tapped. The powerful micro vibrations produced by the drives emit sound from both sides of the surface. This makes them the ultimate waterproof speakers - fit underneath or outside wet areas. Water never gets near them.

Banish your Plastic Rock Speakers

For a typical deck installation a Feonic vibration speaker can be mounted on top of the visible surface. Creating a hidden outdoor speaker. Where access permits, install under the decking surface for invisible waterproof outdoor speakers.

Either approach generates ambient surround sound. Immersive, without "too loud" hotspots, and engaging. A great talking point for your guests. Your friends or party guests will never guess where the sound is coming from. And all without fake looking plastic rock speakers.

Compact, Portable, Powerful. Easy to Install, Remove and Replace

Wooden Deck Surface with a hidden outdoor speaker
Vibration Speaker hidden behind garden features. Wireless speaker compatible.

The low profile and small size makes them easy to install and to hide. The drives are small: about the same footprint as a smartphone and a few inches high. If mounting on top of a surface, conceal behind a plant, or other feature, to make them virtually invisible.

Amplifiers and Wireless Speaker options

Our outdoor speaker kits are available with a lightweight (and tiny) amplifier. Or connect them to your home stereo / home cinema system. We'll explain your audio solution setup options and how to install garden speakers for peak performance.

All wireless speakers require either battery or mains electricity supply. Wireless outdoor speakers are a workable concept with our drives. Perhaps getting power from garden buildings or powered features such as a jacuzzi. Get in touch to discuss options.

The Best Waterproof Outdoor Speaker - our vibration speakers never get wet

In specific circumstances you may need waterproof speakers to IP67 standard. All our drives can are weatherproof outdoor speakers to IP55 standard. Good enough all weather robustness to cope with rain, frost, pressure washing etc.

The best way to install waterproof speakers is to ensure they never get wet. Traditional outdoor waterproof speakers require cutting through surfaces. Instead, install our drives on the opposite side of the surface which needs to generate sound. So you can mount our drives on the external surface of a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi or hot tub. Or as under floor speakers on decking or outdoor buildings.

 PLAY Composite decking surface speaker
Composite decking surface speaker. Drives underneath the deck : note the very wet surface and nearby water feature

Water and electricity don't mix and neither do speakers. With a vibration speaker mounted on the external surface you can turn the hot tub into a surface speaker. Our customers have come up with all sorts of invisible audio solutions. Solving the problem of how to install waterproof speakers without fuss. One even used our drives on the inside hull of a glass bottomed boat so children could sing to dolphins and passing snorklers! (PDF 500Kb).

Marine Speakers and other Extreme Environments

Our technology makes perfect marine speakers. Mount on the inside of a yacht and the grp, wood, metal of the bulkheads etc. will emit the sound into the cockpit or deck surfaces. Giving the same sound inside and out. Our already robust speakers will be completely protected from the elements. Concealed safely inside the boat.

How to Install Waterproof Speakers - without cutting holes in waterproof surfaces

Avoid the time and effort needed to cut holes in GRP, or other materials, in order to install a marine speaker. Avoid the risks of leakage from yet another hole in surfaces exposed to the elements.

Use our sticky pads to mount our vibration speakers onto smooth surfaces like plastic, plexiglass, grp and glass. Or use our mounting kit with 4 small screws for wood, metal, uneven grp etc. Wire up to an amplifier and a sound source (mp3 players etc) and you're done. No risk and hassle with drilling and cutting large holes; no sealing compounds. And an extra advantage of being easy to remove in the future.

You can achieve much the same effect for saunas, steam rooms, bathrooms, swimming pools etc. Either for music or for a PA system for commercial premises.

Advantages over traditional outdoor loudspeakers:

  • Sound emitted evenly across the wooden deck surface. Effective as composite material deck speakers too
  • No plastic rock speakers with grilles compromising your design
  • Weatherproof (waterproof has a specific definition - most "waterproof speakers" aren't)
  • Waterproof Outdoor Speakers too. Install on the reverse of the surface which emits the sound. Drives mounted internally: sound emitted externally; or vice-versa
  • Elimination of hot spots. Don't blast overwhelming sound at people anymore. Reduced noise pollution - less disturbance for your neighbours
  • Can be virtually invisible outdoor speakers (hide on deck surface). Or fully invisible outdoor speakers (hide under deck)
  • Install on other surfaces like drywall, hollow roof beams and glass. Perhaps mount on your patio or restaurant windows for the same sound inside and outside
  • Electrically rated as 4Ω, 100W. Ask about our amplifiers
  • Installing waterproof speakers is difficult. Potential for damage to surfaces. Negative aesthetic impact. And can be expensive. Our drives are easy to fit - often in minutes

An immersive surround sound experience quite unlike any other

Wooden house with Under Floor Outdoor Speakers
Wooden house with Under Floor Outdoor Speakers : Australia

An amazing example of the versatility of our product. This house in Australia has our drives installed outside the building. Screw mounted under the wooden floor with exposure to extremes of heat and humidity. Creating an immersive surround sound experience inside and out.

Outdoor ceiling speakers on a veranda, porch or balcony
Outdoor ceiling speakers on a veranda, porch or balcony : Hong Kong

Business and Commercial Premises

Our outdoor deck speakers work for both home and business use. Consider the veranda, balcony, porch or terrace of a home, restaurant or bar. Perfect locations for outdoor sound without design compromise. No need to have inappropriate box speakers mounted on walls or poorly disguised plastic rocks with grilles.

Ambience and Mood : set the tone

Besides visual aesthetics, another key advantage is an ambient sound experience. Traditional loudspeakers result in the people who are close to the speaker hearing sound that is too loud. Whereas those a little further away hear sound that is too quiet. You want guests at home or at your restaurant, bar or cafe to listen to the best quality mood enhancing music. But without annoying those nearest the point source loudspeaker.

The Feonic outside speaker solution emits sound from large surface areas. Everyone hears the same volume. There are no annoying reverberations and echoes. This helps ensure the best quality sound reproduction for the challenging outdoor environment. Avoid the unpleasant and disappointing acoustic experience associated with traditional loudspeakers.

This is the secret to reducing noise pollution. Get the sound from source to ear with as little distance as possible.

 PLAY UK weather. Outdoor deck speakers play in cold, wet and under snow
Weatherproof Outdoor Decking Speakers in the UK. Damp conditions and playing under snow and ice. Click image to play video

Audio for Wooden Walkways in Gardens, Tourist and Heritage Locations

Our surface speaker technology works for walkways, nature trails, marinas and coastal walks. Having passed rigorous Japanese Salt Water tests our drives are robust. Our solid state audio technology is impervious to temperatures around 100°C and down to minus 20°C. And are well suited to the damp or humid environments of the UK and Far East. They even work when covered in snow.

  • Build our drives into kiosks or viewpoint information signs
  • Add a solar panel, a proximity switch or "a press to play" commentary button. Deliver a memorable audio experience to your visitors and tourists
  • Integrate with wireless outdoor speaker technology for maximum flexibility
  • Perfect for the heritage market as information panels can have audio for different languages

Wooden Walkway or Marina having outdoor waterproof speakers installed
Wooden Walkway having all weather speakers installed : Singapore

"We were contracted to design and install a multi zone piped music system for a new bungalow belonging to a prominent businessman in Singapore. This was an interesting project as this was the first time we have done a wooden strip raised deck. The sound quality that we achieved was amazing and the customer was very happy with the installation". Feonic reseller in Singapore.

We think we have the best outdoor speakers for when you demand quality sound without aesthetic compromise. Our surface speaker approach will be unlike anything you've seen or heard. Contact us and mention you are looking for deck speakers or outdoor waterproof speakers. We'll identify your nearest reseller. Or you can buy direct from our UK office.

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