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How to Turn Any Surface into a Speaker?
Install Pro Audio Invisible Speaker Technology by Feonic

Do you want to know how to turn any surface into a speaker? Feonic use a massively powerful magnetostrictive smart material in our invisible speaker drives. Engineered to convert solid resonant surfaces into high quality speakers. For the home, museums, galleries, sound artworks and for commerce such as retail stores and advertising. We don't make toy gadgets for lightweight surfaces like cardboard cereal boxes. Feonic lead the field in high end invisible speaker technology.

Trailer of the Weather Experience, Pommern - 100 days under sail
24 F1PRO Feonic Invisible Speakers mounted around the interior of the ship. Supported by 4 subwoofers.
From Kimmo Karjunen with Sound Designer Tuomas Fränti. On Vimeo.

Bus Shelter Advertising with Audio and Digital Signage
Digital Signage, Out of Home Advertising, Bus Shelter Ads. All become more effective with sound.
Attract attention to your adverts without attracting attention to dirt magnet grilles or easy to vandalise speakers.

SOUND | ANYWHERE. One Audio Technology : Endless Sound Opportunities

Explore just some of the solutions our customers have created.

Invisible Speaker Technology for the Home, Hotels, Bars, Clubs and Restaurants

Our surface speaker technology can be used for the primary channels of a home audio system. But they are more commonly used as supporting surround sound for 5.1 or 7.1 home cinema systems.

Choose our invisible speakers as a replacement for low profile speakers. Where the clean lines of interior design and aesthetics matter.

  • Outdoor Speakers for roof

    DATUK'S HOUSE: Malaysia
    Multi room and outdoor sound from the roof (PDF)

  • Hotel Mirror TV Invisible Speakers

    ABU DHABI: Hotel Mirror TV Speakers for Invisible Sound. Audio in 250 rooms (PDF)

  • Invisible Speakers throughtout the home

    SINGAPORE: Home Audio, Invisible Speakers throughout the home (PDF)

    • Home Cinema and Multi Zone Sound Systems benefit from having no visible speakers or grilles
    • Invisible Audio in every room of the house. No bulky boxes or wires on walls or ceilings
    • An immersive ambient surround sound quality unlike anything that a traditional low profile speaker can create

    Sound Artists, Museums, Galleries and Innovative Interactive Advertising Examples

    Ambient music, sound effects, public address and targeted messages without "too loud" hotspots. No echoes, no reverberation, no wires, no boxes, no clutter.

  • Gallery Ambient Audio Soundscape

    MAD GALLERY: Singapore - Ambient audiovisual soundscape (PDF)

  • Live Gig in Store Window

    TOPSHOP: London. Delilah Live Gig on Oxford Street
    Click image above to watch the video.
    Explore Retail Case Studies

    • Sound Art Installations - turn anything into a speaker. Sound from resonant surfaces - if you can tap it for a pleasing sound we can help
    • Under Floor, In Wall and In Ceiling Speakers for large open spaces - transform terrible acoustics with intimate sound gently broadcast from nearby surfaces. Under floor speakers means everyone is 1 to 2 metres from the same sound source. No echoes or reverberations. With multi-zone control for targeted audio too.
    • Pop Up Gigs. Outside broadcast street concerts from storefront windows. No stage to build or outdoor PA equipment to source.
      A world first.

    PA or calming audio in Hospitals, Health Care Clinics and Clean Rooms. Ideal for commercial kitchens and restaurants

    Low profile speaker grilles can harbour dirt and germs. And are always difficult to clean. With a Feonic Invisible Speaker there are no boxes or grilles. Just the original smooth, easy to clean surface. Crucial for cleanliness: ideal for clean lines.

  • UnderFloor Speakers in health care clinic

    Underfloor Speakers for calming ambient mood music in health care clinics (PDF)

  • Restaurant in ceiling speakers

    Restaurant Invisible Sound from ceiling speakers Where hygiene and aesthetics are critical. Explore Application Case Studies

    • Infection Control Speakers: for hospitals and other sensitive areas
    • Clean Room Speakers: enable steam proof cleaning and sterilisation
    • Help keep patients relaxed with calming audio from in wall speakers or under floor speakers
    • Invisible speakers for kitchen and restaurants. People want sound not loudspeakers.

    Large public spaces like Transport Hubs require intimate sound - banish the aggressive sound of the horn speaker

    Loudspeakers and large open internal spaces don't work. Speech intelligibility is ruined by echoes and reverberations. Our surface speaker technology can fix that.

  • Live Gig in Store Window

    CHRISTCHURCH: Edinburgh
    PA from the timber church roof

  • Bus Shelter Digital Signage and Advertising with sound

    SINGAPORE: Digital Signage with Feonic windows in bus stands

  • Virgin Atlantic BASE PA message

    Virgin Atlantic: London. PA + Digital Signage in Transport Hubs. Explore Digital Signage Case Studies

    • Public Announcement (PA) Audio: vandal proof, secure, invisible. Ideal for everything from toilets to bus shelters
    • Sound Reinforcement: increased audio with invisible PA using walls, floors or ceilings
    • Public Address Speech Intelligibility: PA System Speakers you can actually understand!
    • Way Point Information: remote environment audio support/information - impervious to frost, snow, ice or rain
    • Digital Signage Speakers: a tamper proof and weather proof solution for Interactive Advertising
    • Zero Contact Communication: enable 2 way communication through bullet/bomb proof glass

    Hidden Speakers in the Marine and Outdoor Environments

    Our robust solid state smart material technology is equally at home outside and inside. Impervious to dust and dirt. Waterproof to IP55. Passes rigorous Japanese salt water tests. Ideal for a wet room or a sauna with the drive outside resulting in sound inside.

    • Marine Speakers: negating the need for leak prone holes in boats - turn surfaces including wood, metal and grp into speakers
    • Underwater Speakers: turn a boats hull into a speaker to enable communication with scuba divers/snorkelers
    • Wet rooms / Saunas: resistant to high temperature and humidity
    • Theme Park Rides: Driving the structures
    • Outdoor Deck Speakers for garden and patios, at home or for bars and restaurants. Pleasing sound levels for all without "too loud" music hotspots. Equally suitable for wooden decks or composite decking materials.

    Turn Surfaces into Speakers for business communication or Sound Masking for office and boardroom privacy

    Some things are better kept private. Invisible speakers aren't just for music or audio messages. We can mask sound to prevent eavesdropping or broadcast messages ultrasonically so no one can hear.

    Sound Masking for Government agencies and business security
    Sound Masking for Walls and Windows. Prevent laser listening by masking speech vibrations.
    Or communicate using ultrasonic sound

    • Ultrasonic Data Delivery: to transmit detailed content to smart phones
    • Eavesdropping Security: sound masking walls powered by Feonic become acoustically opaque
    • Counter Espionage Security: Prevents Laser listening espionage. Sound masking for windows
    • Portable/Embedded solutions: Presenter Pro, the Portable PA that fits in a bag or briefcase

    The basic solutions - all our audio installations fall into one of these broad categories

    “We saw a sales increase of over 40% in the first week”

    Kevin Scully, Peter Jones, London

    “Delilah's pop up gig at TOPSHOP - a world first”

    Prask Sutton 76 to the present

    “I can't get over how many people stop outside the store”

    Chloe Peart, PR Officer, Heals, London

    “Peel and stick - it's really that simple to install!”

    Matt at Fable Maze

    “You have no idea where the sound is coming from”

    CNN News Broadcast, London

    Turn anything into a speaker not just cereal boxes or other lightweight surfaces
    Invisible Speaker
    For walls, ceilings, floors, windows and other resonant surfaces

    There are many more current and valuable applications for our highly developed vibration speaker product range. Enabling sound to be delivered where traditional speakers fail or are impractical.

    Can we turn anything into a speaker? Put us to the test - Contact us.

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