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Hidden Speakers - Install our Invisible Speaker Technology in Minutes

We'll show you how to hide speakers : on walls, behind pictures, and even on glass.
Avoid cutting drywall / plasterboard. Avoid plastering. Avoid sanding. Avoid painting surfaces.
DON'T Rip Open your Walls until you've considered Feonic

Trailer of the Weather Experience, Pommern - 100 days under sail
24 F1PRO Feonic Invisible Speakers mounted around the interior of the ship. Supported by 4 subwoofers.
From Kimmo Karjunen with Sound Designer Tuomas Fränti. On Vimeo.

All your efforts to create a luxurious interior design can't be spoiled by wires, boxes or grilles. But you've watched in wall speaker installation videos and, like us, you've shuddered at the disruption, mess and expense. Imagine instead a concealed speaker that is simple to install, that sounds great and is affordable (don't forget the horrendous installation costs of in wall speakers).

Concealed Speakers - How to hide surround sound speakers in walls, on ceilings or in picture frames
Hidden Speakers - limit wires and visible boxes or grilles.
Hide behind or on walls, inside furniture or behind pictures.
VERY easy installation with Wired or Bluetooth Wireless options

Sleek design brooks no compromises, so choose Feonic Hidden Speakers to surprise and delight.

The perfect solution around the home and also for commercial premises such as the boardroom, shops, bars and restaurants. Ideal for home cinema surround sound; around the entire home for multi-zone sound. Outdoors too: hide the speakers under decks.

Frequently used in galleries and museums. Providing multi-zone sound from underneath the floor of a gallery, or sound enabling display cases or the artworks themselves. And countless other environments.

Smart Materials Transform Surfaces into Speakers

We use extreme power smart material vibration speaker technology. Both sides of the entire wall, ceiling or floor panel emit sound. So no need to position our little black boxes in line of sight. Wired or Bluetooth Wireless options.

Tuck them away near edges or corners where they are invisible. Mount with ease on the reverse of panels, or behind picture frames, or even inside furniture. DIY installation skills in most cases.

Vibration Speaker turning artwork into a Flat Speaker
" people ran their fingertips over the contours of the silk embroidery, couched with conductive silver thread, they completed the circuit and triggered a fragment of poetry that played through the Feonic speaker attached to the rear of the picture frame."
Read the case study (PDF) and watch the video on vimeo

Install in minutes: on drywall, wooden surfaces, metal, glass, acrylic, plastic etc. No wires, boxes or grilles.

Test, move and remove as required. Just mount with 4 screws on most surfaces. Use our super sticky and removable pads for glass or acrylic surfaces.

KEY ADVANTAGE: no cutting into walls as you would for most invisible speaker solutions. No worries about the surface finish. No need to match paint or redecorate the entire room. And, you won't have to wait until it is too late to hear if you like the sound.

how to hide surround sound speakers and low profile ceiling speakers
Low Profile Ceiling Speakers replaced by Feonic Surface Mount technology on Antique Timber
"The sound quality we achieved was nothing short of amazing. The Feonic concealed speakers sound enabled the entire wooden beam. The vibrations flowed through the entire structure to emit sound over the entire patio and swimming pool area"

Installer Datuk's House Malaysia

Hidden versus Invisible : Easy and Low Cost Installation and Removal

Hidden speakers are a variation of our in wall speakers and invisible speaker solutions. These solutions involve access to interior wall panels. Perfect for new builds or renovations.

With other invisible speaker solutions you need to cut holes in interior walls, skim plaster on top, sand down drywall and paint walls; not tasks to be taken on lightly. With our approach you will be listening to your music or movies within minutes.

Ambient Immersive Atmospheric Surround Sound

The entire panel emits an immersive high quality surround sound. Avoids "too loud" hotspots. All listeners enjoy a great sound experience; ideal for ambient sound to help build mood or atmosphere.

Outdoor Deck Speakers - Hidden out of sight
A Hidden Outdoor Speaker. Mount on or under wooden floors. Weatherproof

Hidden Wall Speaker or Hidden Ceiling Speaker?

Whether you need a hidden wall speaker or hidden ceiling speaker our range of surface speakers are easy to install and great value for money. Particularly when you consider installation costs.

Why is our solution the best hidden speaker you can buy?

    Our surface speakers are:
  • Compact - about the same footprint as a smartphone and a few inches high
  • Portable - take them with you if you move premises. Try that with an in wall speaker
  • Plug and Play - work with normal amplifiers and sound sources: mp3 players, TVs, home cinema etc.
  • All Weather - great outdoor speakers for decks, patios etc.
  • Install in minutes - no expensive trade skills required. Ideal replacement for in wall speakers. Prices that make sense due to cheaper DIY installation
  • High Power - not gadgets for cereal boxes

Here are some invisible audio case studies showing just some of our solutions. If you look at the images closely you may spot the drives, but they are hard or impossible to see. To learn more, contact us or use the contact details below and we'll talk you through your hidden speaker options.

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