Immersive Audio for Augmented Reality Display

Attention Grabbing Interactivity Audio Visual Effects

Immersive Audio Effects for Augmented Reality Skoda Fabia Promotional Display “Sitting on an actual seat from an real Fabia, which had itself been augmented with vibrating force feedback and immersive audio, I watched in awe as I appeared on that very screen, and the panels of “my” new Fabia flew…

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Kirsi Ihalainen Acoustic Interior Design for Airport Lounge

Helsinki Airport, Kainuu Lounge, Gate 31, 5th of June 2014 – end of March 2015 Comments, experiences and photos of you with the installation can be posted with #FinnForestFreq The installation sounds are recorded in a Finnish forest in Vesilahti, Finland. The top most heard frequencies in the forest are…

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Digital Signage TV Installation created by Nexus Engage

Window Speakers

A unique Digital Signage TV Installation created by Nexus Engage providing promotional opportunities in unused shopping mall retail windows. Audio visual displays with the display safely inside a store window and audio provided via window speaker technology pioneered by Feonic over 15 years ago. Ashley Turner the Implementation Manager said…

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Engraved Plexiglass AudioVisual Art Installation – SLABS

Plexiglass Acrylic Art

AudioVisual Art Installation by Adriano Abbado with Sound by Stefanie L. Ku Feonic audio technology turns Adriano Abbado’s Plexiglass artwork into an acoustic orchestra. This audiovisual art installation is composed of six plexiglas® slabs with which the audience can interact. The slabs, suspended by steel cables, are printed on one…

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Interactive Window Display with Sound for John Lewis Launch

Feonic’s Whispering Window integrated to create augmented reality-based centrepiece at renowned Oxford Street and Sloane Square stores – John Lewis launches an impressive interactive window display at its flagship Oxford Street store and its Peter Jones store on Sloane Square London, designed to support a state-of-the-art campaign that promotes the…

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Turn Anything into a Speaker

Shipping Container - Metal Surface Speakers

How to Turn Anything into a Speaker Do Feonic Vibration Speakers turn anything into a speaker? Nearly. As long as the surface is resonant, which basically means that if you tap it the surface will emit a pleasing sound, then our technology will be able to turn that surface into…

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Pharaohs Brought to Life … with Sound – Museum Display Case Audio

Egyptian Museum Case Audio

Feonic’s Invisible Speakers discreetly create a museum display case audio system. Directional sound as the audio comes directly from the exhibit. Product-  F4 audio drives Researcher –  Francesca Monti Museum Display Case Audio System Many Galleries and Museums around the world have used Feonic’s F4 Presenter Pro product to create…

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Retail Window Displays NYC – The People’s Climate March

Here at Crysalys Labs, in New York City, we develop interactive brand experiences for retail environments and retail window displays.  We are always integrating new technology with our designs, and we were so excited to discover Feonic’s Whispering Window and add it to our arsenal. Feonic provides a unique quality…

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Hull sound firm Feonic bringing jobs back to the UK

A business which turns surfaces into speakers is bringing manufacturing back to the UK. Feonic was formed at the University of Hull and its products to make windows produce sound are sold by retailers worldwide. It has just secured its first export order to Japan. The company has also been…

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