Turn Anything into a Speaker

How to Turn Anything into a Speaker

Do Feonic Vibration Speakers turn anything into a speaker? Nearly. As long as the surface is resonant, which basically means that if you tap it the surface will emit a pleasing sound, then our technology will be able to turn that surface into a vibration speaker.

Surface Panel Speakers

Glass, Wood, Metal, Plastics, Dry Wall etc can all be Vibration Speakers. Even sound distribution from surfaces.

For over 15 years Feonic have been leading the development of this technology and pioneering affordable and effective solutions from tiny gadgets for desks through to turning solid oak floors into massive speakers. We believe that our powerful and adaptable vibration speakers can help you to entertain, inform, sell products more effectively, attract attention and always: impress.

See below for just some exciting and innovative examples using our technology. So could you turn anything into a speaker? Take a look below; can you come up with something stranger?

Directional Speakers for Museums, Galleries, Transport Hubs and Public Spaces

Directional Speakers for Museums, Galleries, Public Spaces

Directional Speakers for Museums, Galleries, Public Spaces. Controllable sound at the right volume and the perfect place

Whether you need to manage crowds or provide intimate sound for a museum display case, our invisible speakers are the perfect solution.
Provided spoken instructions or information in multiple languages using sound. Enhance an exhibit with music or sound effects. Large areas or just straight in front of a specific feature.

Home Cinema and Surround Sound through every room in the house

Home Cinema Invisible Speakers

Home Theatre Immersive Sound

Fit speakers invisibly as in wall speakers or turn walls or even floors into hidden speakers by placing the sound transducers under or behind furniture. Remember, the entire panel becomes a speaker.

Whispering Window. Catch the attention of passers by

British Fashion Week artists

Exclusive work by artists involved in the ‘Britain Creates 2012: Fashion & Art Collusion’ project

Turn store windows into speakers. Plays inside and out. For Audio Visual displays, Interactive Digital Signage and even for dual inside and outside impromptu concerts! Check out singer songwriter Delilah playing a concert in the window of London’s Oxford Street TOPSHOP department store. Photos of the Pop Up Gig on Facebook.

Delilah singing in an Oxford Street store window. The window is turned into a speaker by a series of Feonic vibration speaker drives. Note the lack of feedback even with microphones for the singer and guitarist only a metre or so away from the speakers (windows). Both sides emit sound so the gig is actually playing to audiences inside and outside the store. And all without expensive outdoor PA systems. No stage to build, no weather issues to worry about, no need for overnight security, simpler soundchecks and so on.

Nightclub in a Box? Shipping Container becomes a speaker

Shipping Container - Metal Surface Speakers

Metal, Glass, Wood, Drywall. Surfaces which can become speakers

For the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange promotion GTMS added Feonic vibration speakers to the metal surface of a shipping container.

Not content with a shipping container see how we helped turn a House into a speaker!

In Wall Speakers for Home Entertainment

Click image to learn more about how our vibration speakers are mounted inside and outside

An Australian house has our vibration speakers mounted under floors and in walls. This to create a home entertainment surround sound system with in wall speakers.

Have you used our vibration speakers to turn anything into a speaker and would like to be a case study? Or have suggestions or questions about what may or may not work? Then email us at info@feonic.com

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