Immersive Audio for Augmented Reality Display

Attention Grabbing Interactivity Audio Visual Effects

Immersive Audio Effects for Augmented Reality Skoda Fabia Promotional Display “Sitting on an actual seat from an real Fabia, which had itself been augmented with vibrating force feedback and immersive audio, I watched in awe as I appeared on that very screen, and the panels of “my” new Fabia flew…

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Artangel – Van Gogh’s House, Under Floor Speakers

Under floor speakers and window speakers used to provide audio within a non traditional museum environment. Trailer: Saskia Olde Wolbers, Yes, these Eyes are the Windows from Artangel on Vimeo. Overview: Feonic F1PRO’s fitted under the floorboards help a house where Van Gogh once lived tell it’s story. Product: 10 x…

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Engraved Plexiglass AudioVisual Art Installation – SLABS

Plexiglass Acrylic Art

AudioVisual Art Installation by Adriano Abbado with Sound by Stefanie L. Ku Feonic audio technology turns Adriano Abbado’s Plexiglass artwork into an acoustic orchestra. This audiovisual art installation is composed of six plexiglas® slabs with which the audience can interact. The slabs, suspended by steel cables, are printed on one…

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Tate Modern Sound Installation – WORD. SOUND. POWER – by Caroline Bergvall

Throughout summer and until 3rd Nov you can hear Feonic Technology in action in a Tate Modern sound installation by Caroline Bergvall. Further details about the project and other artists involved can be found on Tate Modern’s website: Learn more about the work of Caroline Bergvall on her website.…

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Turn Anything into a Speaker

Shipping Container - Metal Surface Speakers

How to Turn Anything into a Speaker Do Feonic Vibration Speakers turn anything into a speaker? Nearly. As long as the surface is resonant, which basically means that if you tap it the surface will emit a pleasing sound, then our technology will be able to turn that surface into…

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Sound Design – The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Feonic Drives for Stage Monitors

Sound Design : Localisation of Sound using Floor Speakers When working on Sound Design in the Royal Exchange Theatre, each show provides many exciting opportunities and challenges. The main challenge on ‘Beautiful Thing’ was to create a sound source under a very shallow stage. The designer had decided to lay the…

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