Museum Sound Installation in Limerick School of Art and Design – if walls could talk…

Outdoor Wooden Door as a Flat Panel Speaker

Oral Histories Sound Installation – If walls could talk…

Evelyn Glynn describes using Feonic invisible speakers to create a sound installation for a museum project at the former Magdalene Laundry which is now part of Limerick School of Art and Design.

“It is a very simple installation but in the overall context of the work it is perfect. The Feonic speaker is attached to the original door of what was Limerick’s Magdalene laundry and a sound piece from an oral history interview is played, transforming the door into a speaker.

The piece is a description of a family coming to collect an orphan child at Christmas to take her out for a treat. She describes the door, the steps leading up to it etc.

The audio is accessed from the outside of the building (speaker drive safely on the inside). The piece is part of a site specific exhibition with a whole series of interventions. The building that housed the laundry is now the Limerick School of Art and Design.”

Evelyn Glynn has a degree in fine art printmaking and is an MA student at Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD). Her background in community development and her work in the area of violence against women alongside her studies at LSAD combined to produce this research project on the Magdalene Laundry

Read more about the sad case of the orphan Rose, breaking the rule of silence.

More on the Magdalene Laundries from the BBC.

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