Feonic Transport PA Systems

PA Speaker Problems

PA Speakers blast people with sound. Creating volume, reverberation and echo problems


Feonic Surface Speaker technology can be used in every aspect of public transport, for better public announcements, passenger help points, improved emergency evacuation procedures, voice alarm and not least marketing and advertising opportunities.

Many surfaces whether in over ground or underground railway stations can efficiently transmit audio messages just where they are needed. And at lower cost than traditional horn speakers.

Platform Screen Doors

The most recent developments include locating drives in Platform Screen Doors (also Platform Edge Doors and Automatic Platform Gates) to provide safety messages directly to people who need them. This can help prevent habituation problems where people screen out messages due to the constant bombardment of information not relevant to them over traditional broadcast PA systems.

Feonic surface speakers target messages at an appropriate volume just where they are needed.

Advertising using Surface Panels as Speakers

Glass, Wood, Metal, Plastics etc can all be Surface Speakers. Not too loud. No high volume hot spots. Ideal for enhanced Bus Shelter Ads or Digital Signage


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