How to Attract Customers into Retail Store?
Interactive / Video Window Display + Sound
Sales Boost by up to 40%

Retail Store Window Display Designed to Attract Customers Attention

A Retail Store Window Display Designed to Attract Customers Attention with Sound. Can you spot the drives?

Storefront Window Display Attracting Attention

Crowds go Wow. Storefront Window Performance. Audio inside and out by Feonic

The Best Ways to Attract Customers Attention?
Improve Your Retail Window Display with Sound

All shop managers need to consider the best ways to attract new customers. You put a lot of effort into your visual merchandising displays in your store windows. But that effort and expense is wasted if people walk past without even glancing at your window display. The best ways to attract customers attention involve engaging as many senses as possible. Use high quality sound provided by Feonic Whispering Window®. And once you have people’s attention, appeal to multiple senses with an exciting interactive audio visual experience.

Benefits: with subtle and unobtrusive audio your store windows can:

  • create an interactive or video window display to attract customers
  • enhance people’s shopping experience by creating a subtle ambience
  • increase traffic flow by appealing to another sense beyond the visual
  • and can become part of your in-store sales and retail marketing strategy
  • boost sales up to 40% in the first week of a promotional campaign.

Feonic Invisible Speaker audio drives are an improvement over traditional box speakers, which are:

  • intrusive and unattractive
  • vulnerable to damage from the elements or vandalism
  • do not integrate with your retail displays
  • and loudspeakers are very hard to install, drilling through brick or window frames may not appeal. Feonic Surface Speakers are Peel and Stick, install in minutes

The retail sector has been looking for a way that allows people to hear as well as see products, so Whispering Windows is precisely what we‘ve all been waiting for. After installing Whispering Windows into our store front, the number of people who stopped to view our window displays increased by nearly 50 percent* during an afternoon of testing. Of course the acid test of any retail display innovation is increased sales. As a result, we were very pleased that sales of our audio and television merchandise that were featured in the window increased significantly.
Kevin Scully, Visual Merchandising Manager, Peter Jones, London

Not just for shop windows – turn any surface into a speaker – and build attention grabbing audio visual effects

attract customers attention and engage with audio effects

The best way to attract attention is to involve multiple senses. Sound effects engage the public in this augmented reality interactive sales promotion

Develop an in-store retail marketing strategy using audio to attract shoppers attention. Persuade them of the quality of your goods or service in an exciting and innovative way. Perhaps draw attention to a specific sale item; or introduce the benefits of a new product; or more generally to build brand awareness.

Our surface speaker technology evenly distributes sound across any solid surface and can be tied into any retail promotion throughout your store. The sound need not be loud or annoying or tinny. Feonic Surface Speakers are small, easily hidden and can be used on any solid surfaces such as:

  • Glass windows, perspex, metal, drywall (plasterboard) and other resonant surfaces
  • Endcaps, shelves, kiosks, and other hard surface furnishings
  • Walls, floors, ceilings, partitions
  • as in the Skoda – Made You Look campaign our vibration speakers were built into the base of the seat to provide sound effects of a car being built around a person sitting in a mock up green screen environment

Consider also that installation and removal is easy and there are no grilles. You can move the drive, amplifier and sound source around your store for particular promotional campaigns.

Sound Transducer attached to window

One of a pair of Feonic F1.3 Sound Transducers turning glass into a stereo speaker

Vandal Resistant Speakers : Robust : Noise Pollution Free. Easy to Use

Whispering Windows can also be used outside as it is weather and tamper resistant. Remember, the audio drive is inside or underneath or behind the ‘sounding’ surface. Peel and stick on glass and perspex. Mount with 4 screws on other surfaces such as wood, drywall, metal, plastic.

Simply use amplifiers (which we can supply) and use ordinary sound sources like mp3 players, cd players, TV audio out etc. Provide your own audio or play the music to accompany the video on a TV. Or play sound effects or even voice promotions, helpful messages or warning messages.

Boost Your Sales with a Whispering Window® Retail Marketing Campaign by:

Retail Store Attracting Attention with Sound

Retail Store Window Attracting Attention with Sound

  • Giving your Visual Merchandisers / Window Dressers a new way to entice consumers
  • Building brand and image awareness (Sensory Branding)
  • Accompanying signage or other audio visual (AV) elements such as an interactive video window display

Up to 40% Uplift in Sales.
How long will you let your potential customers idle by?
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