Selfridges White Christmas Window Display Boosted by Sound

Selfridges Christmas Window Display with Sound

Selfridges Christmas Window Display with sound attracting around 50% more views than the same display without sound.

Selfridges Holiday Season Window Displays stand out from the crowd using Feonic’s innovative window speakers. Nothing else comes close when you need to attract attention. And the best window display ideas in the world famous Oxford Street, London locations need every edge they can get.

Condiment Junkie Russ Jones and Scott King from Condiment Junkie, a London-based creative outfit, explain more about this global sound innovation:

“First, the new system plays music through, not from, the windows – using the glass pane itself as the loudspeaker. Additionally, the system is devised in such a way that although each window plays a different tune, customers are able to listen to the track without interference from the music being played through the next window.”

Another description of the Feonic audio drives here on the Time Out London blog: “Harnessing mind boggling technology, the panes of glass act as loudspeakers

Additionally, WGSN Homebuild Life have this to say about “this breakthrough technology… with the glass of the windows acting as a speaker

Feonic developed Whispering Window in 2003, learn more by clicking the Whispering Window menu links above. Specifically, how store windows sound can attract new customers and how glass window speakers work.

Christmas Window Display Part 2

Selfridges again choose Feonic to bring the Xmas spirit into their store. With holiday season in store displays brought to life with music and sound effects. And not a speaker in sight.

Main  festive display in Selfridges audio-enabled using Feonic’s Whispering Window

A huge festive display in Selfridges’ main atrium has been brought to life using Feonic’s Whispering Window ‘invisible audio’ devices.  Sonue, the experiential audio specialists, were commissioned by Selfridges to audio-enable the Christmas display, which contains many bells of differing sizes – with some up to 8 feet in height – which have been suspended from within the main atrium of the flagship retail store.

The eye-catching display of the Christmas bells has been installed in the six-storey foyer and the audio, created by Sonue, emits from glass balconies and other surfaces.  A sense of mystery is added to the display as customers can hear the sound of the music and the ringing bells, yet there are no visible speakers on display, thanks to Feonic’s innovative technology.

Confirms Pete Jones from Sonue;

“The end result is hugely effective; the Whispering Window audio devices are unobtrusive, easy to install and have really helped bring the Christmas window display completely alive with the right ambience. I would encourage anyone visiting London during the Christmas period to come into Selfridges to take a look at the display – it really is both eye catching and sounds fantastic.”

The Christmas bells will be on display in Selfridges up until 24 December 2012.

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