Sound Design – The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

FeONIC Drives for Stage Monitors

Feonic Drives for Stage Monitors. Reduced Feedback issues

Sound Design : Localisation of Sound using Floor Speakers

When working on Sound Design in the Royal Exchange Theatre, each show provides many exciting opportunities and challenges. The main challenge on ‘Beautiful Thing’ was to create a sound source under a very shallow stage. The designer had decided to lay the faces of the buildings on the floor so the actors walked over the windows and doors and into the acting area.

Whilst trying to find something to fit in the 70mm depth the floor allowed, I came across Feonic. Application of the F1.3, F4 and S Drive to the 18mm ply board of the staging, onto which the doors and windows were printed, allowed me, in conjunction with the theatres sound system, to make the stage flooring actually become the speaker and localise the sound under the doors and windows and into the ‘flats’ as required.

For theatre in the round localisation within the environment can help improve believability to the audience and using the Feonic units really helped me to achieve that.

Peter Rice

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