Reduce PA Echo Problems from the Speaker Source without fitting Sound Absorbing Panels. Use Feonic Surface Speakers for Good Sound Design in Public Spaces

Architectural Acoustics Echo and Reverberation Cutting Speaker

Factory Example: Extreme Flat Panel Speaker to reduce PA Echo Problems and Reverberation in Large Rooms. Feonic turn surfaces like panels/walls/ceilings/floors into flat speakers. And make PA Systems actually intelligible

How to Reduce PA Echo and Reverberation Problems?

Consider the sound of the PA system in a train station. The sound is always all but unintelligible. Sometimes the voice can be clear in close proximity and in line of sight to a horn loudspeaker but at the price of excessive volume. But for most people, the critical voice message is a garbled mess. You either hear reverberations (muffled sound) or echoes.

PA Speaker Problems. Loudspeaker Intelligibility Problems in Public Spaces

PA Speakers blast people with sound. Creating volume, echo and reverberation issues. Choose Feonic to reduce PA echo problems by immersing people in sound from nearby surfaces.

A measure of this issue is the Speech Transmission Index (STI – Wikipedia Article)

Additionally, there can be noise pollution from adjacent rooms.

Or just unpleasant sound effects from warning devices or reminders to do something.

Directional Speakers for Museums, Galleries, Factories, Transport to Reduce Echo and Reverberation

Feonic Directional Speakers for Museums, Galleries, Factories and Transport Hubs. Controllable sound at the right volume to reduce echo and reverberation

Read this wikipedia article for an introduction to the subject of architectural acoustics.  

So a traditional solution to the prevention of echoes and reverberation from PA Speakers or loudspeakers for halls etc. is to fit sound absorbing panels. But why not avoid the audio intelligibility problem in the first place?

Don’t Fix the Acoustic Environment with Sound Absorbing Panels etc. Eliminate the PA Echo Problem by changing the Speaker

Instead of the use of sound absorbing panels choose Feonic Surface Speaker technology. Install in walls, signage, ceilings or even under floors. Traditional point sources of sound create echoes whereas Feonic solutions spread the sound source over a large area. The result is a transformation in sound quality. Echoes and Reverberations are cut dramatically. 

The under floor solution is a powerful case. When an entire floor becomes a speaker then all listeners are within a few metres of the sound source. Everyone hears the same volume. Not too loud when near the speaker, not too loud if underneath a traditional ceiling speaker. Not too quiet for anyone as no one is far away from the sound source.

In other situations, having a surface emit the sound, can be useful for information panels, kiosks, bus shelters etc.

Surface Panels into Speakers

Glass, Wood, Metal, Plastics, Dry Wall etc can all be Flat Panel Speakers. Controlled sound distribution from hidden speakers.

Sound Artists, Interior Designers, Acoustic Architects and Consultants: Solve Acoustic Problems with Pleasing Sound Masking from Artworks

We don’t just do PA Speakers for large echo prone rooms. We cater for all kinds of acoustic environments.

An example of interior design with the goal to enhance the acoustic experience in an otherwise stressful environment of an airport. By sound artist, designer and audio engineer Kirsi Ihalainenith.

Acoustic Interior Design for Artwork in Airport lounge. Stressful Sound Absorbing and Masking

Acoustics in Interior Design. Architectural acoustics enhances experiences and reduces stress

The installation sounds are recorded in a Finnish forest in Vesilahti, Finland. The top most heard frequencies in the forest are selected for each channel. The sounds have been analysed and according to this information their dominating frequencies have been selected. These frequencies are played back in the installation through sound actuators that are placed inside wood. The Feonic Surface Speakers make the wood resonate and vibrate: the sound will come from the wood itself making it the speaker. Also Finnish animal sounds are heard occasionally in the space.

Acoustic Interior Design – using Invisible Speaker Audio Technology to Solve Acoustic Problems

In total the sound installation has 8 audio channels with 8 pieces of pine deadwood. The pieces of wood hang from the ceiling are sound enabled using Feonic Invisible Speakers. This audio technology uses high power but low amplitude vibration speakers to turn surfaces into speakers.

Together with the wood the frequency sounds and animal sounds will recreate a space sounding like a Finnish forest.

Finnish Forest Frequencies -­ sound installation has been exhibited previously at Spiral Garden in Tokyo, Japan in May 2014.

This acoustic interior design project is sponsored by Feonic Technology and Aalto University.

Conclusion: Choose Feonic for Intimate Sound to cut Stress or for Public Announcement without the Garbled Mess You’ve Come to Expect

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