Retail Window Displays NYC – The People’s Climate March

Here at Crysalys Labs, in New York City, we develop interactive brand experiences for retail environments and retail window displays.  We are always integrating new technology with our designs, and we were so excited to discover Feonic’s Whispering Window and add it to our arsenal.

Feonic provides a unique quality of sound that regular speakers simply cannot reproduce… a subtle ambience that really adds to the “environmental” quality of our sound designs.

We are also able to add sound to projects that we couldn’t in the past, because we don’t have to make costly modifications to the building’s architecture for installation.  Overall, we have found that Feonic allows us to focus more on the creative process, and has provided new exciting ways to explore the use of sound in our installations.

Our most recent project, a collaboration with ABC Home and Carpet, involved the use of Feonic in two simultaneous installations.  As a supporter of the People’s Climate March in New York City, ABC wanted to help communicate the movement’s message.  Using Feonic, we were able to add sound to a large flat screen monitor to promote a new documentary about climate change, which people were able to view from the sidewalk.  In another window, we created an abstracted rainforest soundscape, creating a calm, dreamy atmosphere amidst the busy New York City streets.

Without Feonic, we never would have been able to add sound because the building is marked as a historic landmark, and we can’t make modifications to the structure.  With Feonic, we were able to add sound and express ourselves like never before.

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Whispering Window attracting attention to retail window displays in NYC. Atmospheric soundscapes through to direct video messages. Add speakers without damage to historic buildings or expensive installation processes.

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