Reduce Waiting Room Stress with Music. Feonic Gently Immerse People in Anxiety Calming Sound. 2 Case Studies: Doctors and Airports

A trip to the dentist, doctors, or other health related premises, could always do with a more relaxing environment. Reduce waiting room stress with pleasant immersive sound. No nasty hotspots where the sound is too loud. And think of your healthcare staff too, who may have to deal with stressed patients but who also deserve a stress free environment.

Relaxing environment in waiting room

Feonic Invisible Speakers mounted within the walls and under the floor of a healthcare clinic waiting room.

Case study from one of Feonic’s resellers ’76 to present.

They are a  Multisensory Marketing and Advertising agency –

This project features F4 surface mount audio drives as under floor speakers. These turn the entire wooden floor into a speaker. Unlike traditional loudspeakers there are no boxes or visible wires to clutter your interior design. And the sound is evenly distributed across the surface the drives are mounted on. So no one is too close to a loud sound source. All hear the same volume level of calming audio soundscape or music.

One of our clients is a successful medical practice. Speaking to the staff, we learned that one of the greatest problems they face is the high state of anxiety their patients are often in when they enter the treatment and consultation rooms. The greater the level of a patient’s anxiety, the more difficult it is to accurately diagnose and treat them.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Interestingly, a lower percentage of patients arrive at the practice in this state of mind. Many come in relatively relaxed and only become anxious whilst waiting to be seen. This led us to the conclusion that the waiting room environment at the clinic was not performing as it should by failing to make patients feel at ease and keep them in this relaxed state till their appointment.

Wireless Under Floor Speakers driven by WiFi

By activating the floor of the waiting room with Feonic under floor speakers, we were able to create an invisible Wi-Fi enabled sound solution. One that can be accessed from any computer or handheld device connected to the practice’s secure local area network.

Bespoke SoundScapes to Reduce Waiting Room Stress

We also provide a library of bespoke soundscapes, each designed and proven to stimulate relaxation. These play through the system at very low volume. In addition, a programmable and controllable ambient scent delivery system diffuses a specially formulated fragrance throughout the clinic.

Positive Feelings using MultiSensory Scents and Sounds

The results of the multisensory installation were immediate, with staff noticing a sudden and dramatic change in patients’ demeanours. Making diagnoses and treatments more accurate and effective. Patients have also expressed a change in attitude towards attending the clinic, with a majority now associating positive feelings towards upcoming appointments.

I cannot express how grateful I am for [‘76’s] advice and expertise using Feonic invisible speakers, which has proven to be very sound and cost-effective. [‘76] completely identified our individual needs and the results speak for themselves. – The healtcare practice’s Business Development Manager

An Airport Lounge Example. Sound Artists, Interior Designers, Acoustic Architects: Solve Acoustic Problems with Calming Sound from Artworks

We solve the problems of stress and anxiety in all kinds of acoustic environments.

An example of interior design with the goal to enhance the acoustic experience in an otherwise stressful environment of an airport lounge. By sound artist, designer and audio engineer Kirsi Ihalainenith.

Acoustic Interior Design for Artwork in Airport lounge. Stressful Sound Absorbing and Masking

Acoustics in Interior Design. Architectural acoustics enhances experiences and reduces stress

The installation sounds are recorded in a Finnish forest in Vesilahti, Finland. The top most heard sounds in the forest are selected for each channel. These are played back in the installation through sound actuators that are placed inside wood. The Feonic Surface Speakers make the wood resonate and vibrate: the sound will come from the wood itself. Also Finnish animal sounds are heard occasionally in the space.

Acoustic Interior Design – using Invisible Speakers to Solve Acoustic Problems

In total the sound installation has 8 audio channels with 8 pieces of pine deadwood. The pieces of wood hang from the ceiling are sound enabled using Feonic Invisible Speakers. This audio technology uses high power but low amplitude vibration speakers to turn surfaces into speakers.

Together with the wood the frequency sounds and animal sounds will recreate a space sounding like a Finnish forest.

Finnish Forest Frequencies -­ sound installation has been exhibited previously at Spiral Garden in Tokyo, Japan in May 2014.

This acoustic interior design project is sponsored by Feonic Technology and Aalto University.

Anxiety and Sound

Science, as well as practical experience, tells us how important audio can be in reducing stress and anxiety in health care waiting rooms. Consider this paper by Myriam V.Thoma, Roberto La Marca, Rebecca Brönnimann, Linda Finkel, Ulrike Ehlert and Urs M. Nater – The Effect of Music on Human Stress Response

Conclusion: Choose Feonic for Intimate Sound to cut Stress or for Public Announcement without the Garbled Mess You’ve Come to Expect

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