Pharaohs Brought to Life … with Sound – Museum Display Case Audio

Feonic’s Invisible Speakers discreetly create a museum display case audio system. Directional sound as the audio comes directly from the exhibit.

museum display case audio directional speakers

Pharaohs’ Headrests brought to life. Cabinet glass reproduces a discreet but emotionally engaging audio output. Directional Speakers can’t be more direct.

Product-  F4 audio drives
Researcher –  Francesca Monti

Museum Display Case Audio System

Many Galleries and Museums around the world have used Feonic’s F4 Presenter Pro product to create museum display case audio systems. Helping to bring ancient unusual artifacts to life by introducing ambient sounds, voice messages and noises for enhanced exhibit impact. This has been particularly useful in technology and science museums where “whispering objects” have been most popular with school children and young students.

UCL’s Petrie Museum of ancient Egyptian artefacts, the Pharaohs’ Headrests (dated back to 5500BC) were brought to life by a motion sensitive detector that activated the display glass to reproduce a discreet but emotionally engaging audio output as the visitor approached the cabinet.
Francesca Monti -Researcher UCL


Feonic Surface Speakers turn your display case glass into a speaker for a discreet emotionally engaging audio experience. Intimate sound from directional speakers that won’t waken the dead. We promise.

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