Turn a Window into a Speaker
Draw Attention to Retail Store Displays & Museum Exhibits

The Feonic Whispering Window® is a surface mount window speaker. Our uniquely powerful technology adds the vital dimension to the best retail store window displays: sound. Glass, and many other surfaces, can emit sound for entertainment, to attract attention or to inform. Ideal for museum sound systems: no wires, boxes or grilles to clutter display cabinets.
Sound just where you need it. Simple installation and maintenance. Vandalproof, weatherproof.

Storefront Window Speaker

Crowds go Wow. Storefront Window Performance. Audio inside and out by Feonic

Pop Up Gigs. Live Music in a Store Window. No outside broadcase equipment

Live Street Gig without the burden of outside PA kit. Window Speaker playing inside and out. Click image to watch the video (youtube video opens in new window)

Turn Windows into Glass Speakers for Retail, Museum Display Cases, Art Installations and more

Feonic Whispering Window™ is a powerful surface vibration transducer that turns glass windows into glass speakers. This to deliver sound only where required: straight in front of the item on display.

Use to entertain; to provide information; or for consumer retail sales and marketing messages.
You can use audio to attract the attention of people who may otherwise walk past your premises, art installation or museum display case.

Not just a Window Speaker

Attention Grabbing - Skoda Promotion

Attention Grabbing Interactivity Audio Visual Effects – Skoda Promotion. Feonic Invisible Speakers adding real world car sounds to interactive car simulator

Our main website provides a helpful guide to the many applications where our customers turn anything into a speaker. Use on resonant surfaces such as:

  • wooden panels or wooden floors
  • drywall / plasterboard wall and ceiling panels
  • sheet metal
  • plexiglass and other acrylic and plastic surfaces
  • and of course glass, including standalone or hanging panels for artworks; display cases; museum cabinets or heavy and even bomb-proof store window panes

Generally anything you can tap which results in a pleasing sound.

Feonic lead development of this powerful micro vibration technology and have done for over 15 years. Look for the Feonic Logo.

Attract New Customers using our Shop Window Speaker for up to a 40% Increase in Sales

Use Feonic window speakers to create our ground breaking Whispering Window. To emit music or messages from the glass surface. Creating a unique way to deliver sales and in store marketing messages throughout your shop, restaurant, bar or department store.
For example, a successful trial at Peter Jones in London who were:

  Stunned by the response… 40% uplift in sales

Small Box : Big Sound

Feonic drives are similar to piezoelectric transducers but use a technology called Magnetostriction – learn more on wikipedia. This smart material technology emits micro vibrations with massive force but with very low amplitude (see our Wikipedia page). These micro vibrations mean that, unlike other superficially similar devices, Feonic vibration speakers won’t damage the surface you mount them on.

Micro Vibration Speakers – Fatigue and Stress

Frequency 80 Hz Frequency 300 Hz Frequency 500 Hz
Traditional Speaker c3000 μm c1500 μm c750 μm
Feonic Drive < 10 µm < 4 µm < 1 µm

Table showing how the Feonic drives create micro vibrations up to 750 times smaller than a typical cone speaker (as used in many in wall speakers). This indicates how a Feonic solution won’t cause structural fatigue or stress which could lead to damage to resonant surfaces

Additionally, unlike regular cone or box speakers, using Whispering Window won’t obstruct the view through glass. And because the sound is evenly distributed throughout the surface, you won’t have to crank it up to annoying levels.
People will be able to hear your messages while still being able to carry on a conversation and have a pleasant experience. Whispering Window sound is passive but it provides a dynamic attention grabbing tool.

Feonic F1.3 Drive for Store Window Speakers

Powerful F1.3 Micro Vibration Speaker for heavier surfaces and higher volume

F4 on Museum Display Cases or Lighter Window Speakers

Lighter F4 Transducer for Whispering Window Lite

Peel and Stick – Simple, Quick, Cheap and Reversible Installation

Whispering Window speaker drives are small and unobtrusive. One or two drives are easily mounted on any glass surface (using a removable sticky pad) and are powered by an amplifier. Feonic can supply suitable amplifiers which can work from any sound source (CD Player, DVD Player, MP3 Player etc). You can of course use your own amplifier. No need to mount box loudspeakers outside with consequent drilling into exterior walls or window frames. No damage to delicate surfaces.

Sound Transducer attached to window

One of a pair of Feonic F1.3 Sound Transducers turning glass into a stereo speaker

Take a look at our main website for our vibration speaker range.

Whispering Window™ has been used many times over 15 years as part of in store marketing programmes. Increasing footfall and sales with:

  stunning results… 40% increase in sales…
Kevin Scully, Visual Merchandising Manager, Peter Jones Department Store, London

Glass Speakers for Sound Art Installations & Museum Display Cases

Etched Glass Speakers

Endangered Languages Exhibit, Singapore. Plexiglass turned into invisible speakers. Intimate sound directly to the viewer

Customers using our sound transducers to create glass speakers for art and museum projects:

Up to 40% Uplift in Sales.
How long will you let your potential customers idle by?
How to Buy

Purchase direct from Feonic or from our resellers. Call T: +44 (0)1482 806 688 (UK office hours) or email info@feonic.com for details.

Visit our Online Store for Off the Shelf Audio Solutions

Need some help picking the right kit or need a combination of drives? Then Contact Feonic via email for pricing, a list of our resellers or simply to learn more about using Whispering Window® speakers.

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