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Trailer of the Weather Experience, Pommern - 100 days under sail
24 F1PRO Feonic Invisible Speakers mounted around the interior of the ship. Supported by 4 subwoofers.
From Kimmo Karjunen with Sound Designer Tuomas Fränti. On Vimeo.

Our Invisible Speakers are perfect to audio enhance your artwork, museum display case or even an entire exhibition space as in the Pommern museum ship in Åland, Finland above. No echoes or "too loud" hotspots. Robust enough for outside in hostile environments.


 PLAY Attract attention to Store Window Display with audio effects
Grab Attention. Crowds go wow at a live music event in TOPSHOP, Oxford Street, London.
Even live music shows become possible from your storefront with Feonic Surface Speakers. Speakers inside: sound outside.

 PLAY Store Window Speakers Bose John Lewis video
Whispering Window: Interactive Window Displays
Gesture, Touch Control, Motion Sensing.
 PLAY Storefront perfomances with audio from glass
Invisible Speakers
Turn anything into a speaker? Walls, tables, floors, ceilings, glass.
 PLAY V&A Museum Sound. Display case with musical instruments
Resonant Bodies by Sound Artist Caroline Devine
Victoria And Albert Museum, London. Museum Sound Installation.
Musical instruments can be heard as well as seen. (Click image to play video)

Pssst….did you know that a whispering window could increase your sales…..
…… now interactive, with motion activated and touch sensors

Digital Signage Stats for Window Display Technology
Transform your store window display with Whispering Window® Up to 40% uplift in sales

Development and Investment Opportunity

Integrated, Solid State Harvesting, Sensing and Sending

for Autonomous Condition Monitoring

SolarImpulse Beyond 1000. Energy efficiency solutions

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and Feonic's place in the top 1000 energy efficiency solutions.

Our technology turns any resonant surface, for example: glass (retail shop windows), wooden panels, wooden tables, drywall / plasterboard, acrylic, perspex, metal etc into a speaker.

Feonic FXPRO Audio Drives, give the freedom for businesses to realise the proven benefits of well executed sound.

Engage with more people to increase footfall, sales, brand awareness and more…

No more need for ugly speakers, the FXPRO range of audio drives can be effectively invisible and provide amazing sound on a wide range of surfaces.

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