Retail Store Sound System Speakers by Feonic. iXtenso reviews the Best Promotional Ideas for Retailers

“Store designers often think only visually which is why a retail store sound system can be neglected during the planning process despite the fact that the right music complements the brand identity… the prerequisite is that store design and the sound system harmonize and speakers are mounted inconspicuously.”

Retail store display with sound effects

Retail Store Sound Effects and Music from Storefront Windows. Audio inside and Out. Up to 40% increase in sales of promoted items.

Whispering Window attracts customers to stores and entices them into buying. Sales Boost up to 40% has been recorded

“Sales aids that stimulate the senses of customers are becoming more and more important. Visual marketing alone is no longer enough. Nothing should be left to chance, even when it comes to music…”

Design Director of Feonic, Brian Smith explains:-

“Campaign and seasonal activity is most popular for the addition of sound. Transmitting over a short distance across the pavement, or sidewalk, enables a non-polluting sound field to be created just in front of the store window, but importantly all along its length”, Smith adds, “Even escalators or regular staircases have been transformed into sound zones.”

Storefront Window Display Attracting Attention

Crowds go Wow. Storefront Window Performance. Audio inside and out by Feonic

Boost interaction with store promotional displays

According to a study by RMS – Instore Research International, the use of Whispering Windows boosts the attraction to and interaction with the store window by 56 percent. Brian Smith explains:

“’Glancers’ (i.e. less than 2 seconds of interaction) increased by 58 percent and ‘Stoppers and Lookers’ (i.e. more than 3 seconds of interaction) increased by 49 percent. Footfall and sales increase consistently by 40 – 50 percent in the first week of a campaign. These statistics have been repeated by our customers regularly in different regions of the world.

Retail Store Speakers – Controlled Sound from Surfaces

Interiors too can benefit from subtle audio and sound effects. Create a mood, perhaps the sound of the sea for a new beachwear collection. The surfaces of the promotional display fixtures are themselves turned into speakers. Keeping the sound local and avoiding sound pollution.

HONG KONG – speakers for retail store interior. Add audio and sound effects directly from display cases, fixtures and fittings

Interaction and Audio boosts social sharing

How the Best Speaker Innovation in Retail Store Sound Systems Works

Retail Store Sound System Speakers

Surface Mount Speaker Technology. Turns windows, walls, ceilings, floors, display cases and more into speakers

Feonic use the most powerful smart material to deliver micro-vibrations of around 20 microns. Delivering a bandwidth of 80Hz – 20KHz when driving a resonant panel.

Put more simply: mount the drive to the window (removable sticky pads) or other surface (4 screws). Wire up to a typical amplifier and sound system (we can supply the perfect amplifier). And now play your music, sound effects or voice messages.

Most larger windows need two F1Pro drives but smaller windows may work well with our F4 range. Learn more about our speaker technology by visiting our main website technology page.

Sound effects and music in retail store

Retail Store Speaker Effects and Music. Inside and Out.

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In the full article, Melanie Günther, explores the benefits of a retail store sound system designed to attract customers attention who might otherwise walk on by.

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