Case Study – Daves Dolphin and Whale Safari

Underwater Speaker for Marine Applications

A glass bottomed boat required an underwater speaker which would play sounds from inside the boat to the underwater environment. In this example to help children engage with marine life without disturbance (the dolphins can leave at any time). These underwater speakers could also be used to communicate to divers or snorkelers in shallow waters.

The Feonic F1.3 worked fantastic. Only the dolphins, already near our boat, can hear the music we play, or hear the children talking in the microphone, and it is much quieter than the engine sounds so it does not disturb the dolphins in any way.

We did this to help children and others have a safe way of connecting with the dolphins. Prior to this they would tap on the glass underwater or the hull of the boat, and or make other loud sounds.

We have more dolphins and blue whales off our coast than anywhere in the world and we love your product!

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