Engraved Plexiglass AudioVisual Art Installation – SLABS

Plexiglass Acrylic Art Project

Interactive Audiovisual Artwork featuring sound directly from etched plexiglass surfaces

AudioVisual Art Installation by Adriano Abbado with Sound by Stefanie L. Ku

Feonic audio technology turns Adriano Abbado’s Plexiglass artwork into an acoustic orchestra.

This audiovisual art installation is composed of six plexiglas® slabs with which the audience can interact. The slabs, suspended by steel cables, are printed on one side and laser engraved on the other.

Vibration Speakers – Turning Surfaces into Speakers

Feonic micro vibration speaker devices transform an audio signal into vibrations by means of a principle known as magnetostriction. The whole plexiglas surface then becomes a musical instrument and contributes to the aural environment, making this installation a space defined by real audiovisual objects.

This technology is equally effective on surfaces which include glass, acrylic sheets and perspex. Additionally, opaque surfaces like wood, drywall, metal and so on can be turned into speakers. So any artwork project can be audio enabled without boxes, visible wires or grilles.

Audiovisual Interaction

A unique feature of this sound art project is that the sound emitted gets louder when people approach each slab. This way people can control its volume, thus modifying the global musical balance.

The Feonic devices are central to my project, with them I could create real audiovisual objects. I used both an F1.3 Drive and an S-Drive sub-woofer to control each of six slabs. The devices were sent to San Francisco to Stefanie L. Ku, who created the sounds. They are easy to mount and I tried them out with tables, glasses and other surfaces, but the real test was only done when the slabs were put in place. It was exceptional to hear the sounds knowing that they were truly coming from the slabs. The final result was special, like a magic surprise. Adriano Abbado

Watch the SLABS video


Adriano Abbado – www.noisegrains.com and the link for the video www.vimeo.com/67813216
Stephanie L Ku – www.cosmicupcake.com
Feonic – take a look at our other audiovisual art installation case studies

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