Digital Signage TV Installation created by Nexus Engage

A unique Digital Signage TV Installation created by Nexus Engage providing promotional opportunities in unused shopping mall retail windows. Audio visual displays with the display safely inside a store window and audio provided via window speaker technology pioneered by Feonic over 15 years ago.

Window Speakers

Giant Screen Window Display with Sound. TV safely behind glass. Sound transmits through store window.

Ashley Turner the Implementation Manager said “We are running a 55” NEC screen with a 1 minute 1080p looped video with sound provided by the Feonic speakers mounted inside the store. The glass panels are 2m x 2.4m and an amazing 15mm thick. The sound quality is just perfect for the location, loud enough to hear when you walk past but un obtrusive to the other retailers in the shopping centre”.

Throughout February and until 3rd March 2014, Whispering Window could be heard in the Liverpool One shopping centre on the first floor. It was part of a “Pop up Digital Window” on behalf of Kaspersky lab. Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing IT security companies worldwide

Digital Signage TV – Visuals are easy via large screen TVs but audio through glass windows?

Mounting the Feonic invisible speakers takes minutes. Simply attach to the inside of the glass window with sticky pads (provided) and wire up to an amplifier and typical sound source. Play music, special effects or promotional messages. When the installation is complete the drives can be easily removed from the window. No drilling through walls or window frames. No speakers mounted outside vulnerable to vandalism or weather.

The invisible speakers can also be mounted on other surfaces such as wood, metal, fibreglass, plastic or any resonant surface. Tap it, if it makes a pleasing sound you can probably use our audio technology.

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Feonic Whispering Window used by Nexus Engage for Digital Signage TV Audio

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