Interactive Digital Signage + Augmented Reality for Digital Window Displays – by design agency Knit

Interactive Digital Signage in a retail store window for high impact promotions. Making full use of facial recognition, augmented reality and Feonic Surface Speaker technology for the added sensory pull – sound.

London and Norwich based Creative Design Agency, Knit, and premium designer menswear store Jonathan Trumbell, demonstrate the power of interactive digital signage. Add attractive video, personal interaction with social media, text messages and the crucial and unexpected element of sound. This for an innovative interactive window display in a bid to drive engagement, brand experience and boost sales.



In a bid to fight back against the rise of online and mobile retailing, there is an increasing trend from independent retailers to use creative design and interactive displays to entice shoppers in store. Offering a unique user experience helps you stand out in a crowded market place.


Interactive Digital Signage Retail Window

Passersby first attracted by sound and video. Then interact with the augmented reality for an engaging experience.

Jonathan Trumbull, independent designer menswear store, has this year installed an interactive digital window display entitled ‘Face in the Snow’. Falling snow digitally sweeps across the display, whilst blizzard sound effects are piped through the window to create a magical and immersive effect.

Creative Design Ideas + Interactive Digital Signage + Augmented Reality + Surface Speaker Audio

Behind the magic of the window is cutting edge, pioneering augmented reality technology. Including facial recognition software, which detects your face and takes your photo before posting it to Facebook. Crucially, Feonic Surface Speakers turn the store window into a massive speaker that pipes the blizzard effect soundtrack onto the street.

But, unlike conventional loudspeakers, the sound is not too loud – no high volume hotspots near the loudspeaker. Nor are there unattractive boxes screw-mounted onto window frames or through brick walls. The Feonic Surface Speakers are stuck onto the inside of the window. Fit in minutes. Remove easily too. No damage to surfaces nor are there boxes liable to environmental damage – weather or vandalism.

Voice Activated Interactive Digital Window Display. Another Knit – Feonic Project

Creative design agency, Knit, also developed a similar campaign for Samsung. Featuring a voice activated, interactive digital window display at John Lewis on Oxford Street, London.

Voice Activated Interactive Digital Window Display. No external speakers. The store window becomes the speaker thanks to Feonic surface speaker technology.

Attract the attention of passersby – with Sound

“Psst – Hey You. Hey You, Walking Past”.

The video above shows how with Feonic audio technology you can attract the attention of passersby AND give them instructions.

“Say Hi TV”.

Note the microphone. This requires a large, vulnerable box to be mounted externally. Requiring drilling holes through the window frame, external wiring etc. Contrast with the Feonic speakers. You probably didn’t spot them. They are the little black boxes to the bottom left and right of the window. Barely noticeable, particularly in comparison with the microphone box. And they can be fully hidden with vinyl decals. No one will know where the sound comes from. Adding to the overall impact.

And remember, the Feonic surface speakers are sticky pad mounted on the inside of the window. Super easy to mount and then remove at the end of the promotion. Perhaps use them in the store under a wooden floor or behind plasterboard panels for another promotional event.

Learn more about the interactive digital signage or voice activated interactive store windows with Feonic Surface Speakers on the  Knit website —

Or contact Feonic directly using the links or form below.

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