Easy to fit Under Floor Speakers + In Wall and Ceiling Speakers for Home Theater Installation and Commercial Pro Audio

Overview – Feonic’s F1+ audio drives used as under floor speakers for a fully integrated home theater

Weatherproof Under Floor Speakers for Home Theatre.

Home Theater Loudspeakers, with easy installation as in wall, ceiling speakers and under floor speakers. Feonic drives are very robust and for this wooden house the under floor speakers are actually outside the building!

Chrissie and Matt Clarke – Home audio enthusiasts –Sydney, Australia – mattchrissie.clarke@gmail.com

Feonic F1.1/F1.2 drives provide a state of the art, home theater experience that places you in the music via hidden speakers without tearing your walls apart. Our house is now filled with music that you feel a part of and watching movies is a full, enriching experience with surround sound effects you can feel.

The Feonic combination F1.1/F1.2 drives installed in our lounge room cannot be seen, yet they did not require us to rip apart our walls like other invisible speaker systems do. The Feonic drives are completely concealed behind floors, walls and ceilings.

We constantly receive comments from amazed visitors and friends who are blown away by the experience of walking into a room where the sound encompasses each and everyone one of you. We would highly recommend a Feonic drive installation in any music or movie lovers home. A sound experience like no other.
Chrissie and Matt Clarke

Easy Fit Ceiling Speakers, In Wall Speakers or Under Floor Speakers – inside or outside

Sound zones from under floor speakers in exhibition

Under Floor Speakers. Multi-zone targeted sound

If you have access to the rear of a surface then Feonic drives are easily mounted onto surfaces using our mounting kit. Surfaces like wood, metal, drywall (plasterboard) etc. can be turned into speakers within minutes.

Alternatively, you may wish to install the drives in a discreet but visible position to create on wall speakers. They need to be mounted only a few feet from the floor and are very small so are easy to fit and hide behind furniture.

Remember, the entire panel they are attached to creates sound so they don’t need to be in line of sight of the listener as traditional cone speakers do.

Historic Buildings and Galleries – No boxes, no drilling, no echoes, no reverberation. Crystal clear sound for all.

Ideal for exhibition spaces, galleries and sensitive historic buildings. The Shire Gallery in England has 24 Feonic Sound Zones. Each can play different music, sound effects or voice messages. And of course all can be used together for echo and reverberation free sound. Everyone is about 4 to 6 feet from the sound source in the floor. So no giant speakers at one end of the room deafening those at the front and creating echoes that make voices un-intelligible. Learn more about how to reduce echoes and reverberation from PA Speakers in large rooms, galleries, halls etc.

Easy to Fit – Under Floors, In Walls, On Walls, On Ceilings. Even on Glass.

Crucially, you won’t need to rebuild or redecorate your house using multiple trades people like plasterers, painter and decorators etc. High quality sound with minimal disruption, mess, fuss and cost.

Take a look at this short video showing composite deck speakers in action. In very wet conditions next to a pool (the hiss on the audio is the water feature).

No boxes, no visible wires and no obviously fake plastic rocks with grilles

How to Buy our Under Floor, In Wall and Ceiling Speakers

Our Drives are usually sold through our reseller network. Check our Contact page on feonic.com. Kits, which include amplifiers, can be purchased direct but first check our range of vibration speakers.
Need some help picking the right kit or need a combination of drives? Then Contact Feonic via email for pricing, a list of our resellers or simply to learn more about our ceiling speakers, in wall and under floor speakers.

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