Even the Best Outdoor Rock Speakers Look Out of Place

Outdoor Rock Speakers look plastic, fake and out of place. Feonic have an alternative. Choose our invisible outdoor speakers which turn surfaces into speakers. Ideal for deck, patio & garden.

wood or composite deck speakers

Hidden Outdoor Speakers : invisible under decking : for garden or patio. Weatherproof and robust. Turn the entire surface into a speaker. Even sound distribution, avoiding ‘too loud’ hotspots.

The Best Way to Hide Outdoor Speakers. For Deck and Patio Surfaces

Create the perfect outdoor garden speakers using Feonic audio drives. The drives turn resonant surfaces such as wood, metal, glass and drywall into speakers. They work outdoors, all year round and are weather resistant to sun, rain, snow or frost. The drives require no maintenance, can be pressure washed (waterproof to IP55 standard) and will not deteriorate with time. They can be easily fitted on or under the decking surface using our mounting plate accessory. Our Kits are available with a very lightweight (and tiny) amplifier or connect them to your home stereo / or home cinema system.

Take a look at this short video showing composite deck speakers in action. In very wet conditions next to a pool (the hiss on the audio is the water feature).

No boxes, no visible wires and no obviously fake plastic rocks with grilles

Surround Sound that is Truly Immersive and Engaging

The drives will turn your wooden or composite deck surfaces into speakers which gently immerse people in music. The sound rises evenly across the surface so all hear the same sound level; unlike traditional speakers which inevitably are too loud for those near the source. And as the sound is projected upwards you won’t need to worry so much about your neighbours. With no single point source as with traditional rock speakers, you can create the ultimate all around sound experience.

You want music not boxes or plastic rocks. Clear the decks

Outdoor Deck Hidden Speakers. Rock Speakers always stick out as fake

Indoors or Outdoors Invisible Sound

The audio drives low profile and small size makes them easy to hide. If under deck access is difficult you can hide them behind a plant pot and they’ll never be seen (unlike tacky plastic rock speakers). Ideally, fit them underneath the decking to create completely hidden outdoor speakers. The powerful micro vibrations produced by the drives emit sound from both sides of the surface. Your friends or party guests will never guess where the sound is coming from.



Advantages over traditional outdoor speakers

  • No tacky plastic rock speakers with grilles compromising your design
  • Weatherproof (waterproof has a specific definition – most ‘waterproof speakers’ aren’t)
  • But with careful installation can be effectively waterproof as both sides of surfaces emit the sound. Mount on the outside of a sauna and the sound will be emitted within. Attach to a jacuzzi for a similar effect.
  • Sound emitted evenly across the wooden deck surface
  • Elimination of hot spots. Overwhelming sound needn’t be blasted at people anymore
  • Can be hidden speakers (hide on deck surface) or invisible speakers (hide under deck)

Formal Gardens and Wooden Walkways

“We were contracted to design, implement and install a multi-zone piped in music system for a new bungalow belonging to a prominent businessman in Singapore. This was a very interesting project as this was the first time we have done a wooden strip raised deck. The sound quality that we achieved was amazing and the customer was very happy with the installation”.
Eugene in Singapore

Additional Uses: Museum Installations and Commercial Outdoor Operations

The audio drives are perfectly suited for walkways, nature trails, marinas and coastal walks. They have passed rigorous Japanese salt water tests and are impervious to temperatures in excess of 100°C and down to minus 20°C. They even work when covered in snow.

Surface Panels into Speakers

Glass, Wood, Metal, Plastics, Dry Wall etc can all be Flat Panel Speakers. Even sound distribution from hidden speakers.

Build them into kiosks or viewpoint information signs. Perhaps with a solar panel, a proximity switch or “a press to play” commentary button. This to deliver a memorable audio experience to your visitors and tourists. Improve information panel accessibility for the blind or enable multiple language interpretation.

Weatherproof Speakers mounted outside the building under the house floors


You may find this post helpful, describing an Australian installation of our top of the range F1 Pro drive. Underfloor Speaker – outside in a hot, humid, damp environment. Our drives are used in homes too. Giving an immersive sound quality ideal for surround sound and are often used to provide sound throughout the home.

Inside and Outside : we have the solution for you: for when design and aesthetics matter.

How to Buy our Outdoor Garden Speakers

For wooden and composite surfaces ask for our mounting kit. Visit our Contact page on our main website – contact details to buy outdoor speakers.

Take a look at our main website page for more on our Hidden Outdoor Deck Speakers


  1. can these system work on fiber boat surface?

    thank you,

    Don Asoka

  2. Don,

    Yes, our sound transducers work very well on Fibreglass – Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). And also metal including potentially on heavier bulkheads. Wood, glass etc. If attached to a hull the sound is transmitted well underneath the water, potentially to communicate with divers in shallower waters.

    We’ll respond with more information shortly. In the meantime please take a look at Feonic Marine and Waterproof Speakers. The link should take you directly to the Outdoor section.

    Please email for more details. info@feonic.com

  3. Can you provide more detail around the optimal use with an outdoor wooden deck?

    Is there a difference using a soft wood such as treated pine compared to a hard wood?

    Where the deck comprises a number of narrow boards laid across joists, with small gaps between the boards, will only the one board the driver is attached to be active?

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your email and interest in FeONIC Technology. The characteristics of the surface you attach the drive to affect the audio output. The gaps between the boards should not cause a problem.
      I would like to arrange for one of our technical team to give you a call to talk through your potential project and let you know more about some of the sucessful decking installs that we’ve been involved in around the globe.
      I will make contact via direct message to set up a call with our tech guys. Thanks for your comment
      Best regards

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