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Invisible Speaker Applications : Sound without Speakers

Attract attention to Store Window Display with audio effects
Grab Attention to your Digital Signage and Out of Home Advertising. Crowds go wow at a live music event in TOPSHOP, Oxford Street, London.
Attract people to your retail window displays or interactive window displays. Even live music shows become possible from your storefront with Feonic Window Speakers.

Feonic delivers more than typical in wall speakers

Kiosks, Digital Signage, Out of Home Advertising and Transport Information Points: Feonic surface speaker technology is powerful enough to drive sound from both sides of surfaces and structures. Hiding the sound source reduces vandalism, avoids water ingress and allows cleaner visual lines - grilles are not required. Bus shelters and other public places can have totally invisible speakers. Effectively waterproof speakers due to being inside the glass, metal, wood, plasterboard or plastic structure.

Listed Buildings: Applicable to grade 1 listed buildings, historic wooden wall panelling systems, and many other traditional construction methods. Feonic technology has a long heritage in achieving what is assumed to be impossible. The Shire Hall Gallery in Stafford is one such example, where a 250 year old wooden floor was converted to 24 channels of multi zoned wireless invisible audio. Switchable to a single PA channel for music or speech.

PA Sound Reinforcement: Similarly the roof of the 19th Century Christchurch in Morningside, Edinburgh, was converted to an omni-directional PA speaker delivering sufficient crystal clear audio to the congregation below using only six Feonic drives driving the roof trusses.

Outdoor & Waterproof Applications: Designed to IP55 standards, environmental issues such as humidity, rain, sun, frost or snow do not affect Feonic's ability to perform in the harshest environments. Use as outdoor deck speakers (weatherproof) or perhaps in wall speakers for a sauna or wetroom (waterproof speakers).

Marine: Having passed rigorous Japanese salt water tests, our audio equipment has water and humidity resistance that make it an ideal choice for waterproof speakers for marine and yacht based environments.

Infection Control Audio Technology: Feonic technology has no moving parts, requires no maintenance, is impervious to moisture and humidity and resistant to MRSA and other airborne infection. An ideal choice for PA in clean room and other locations like food preparation where hygiene is vital. No cleaning issues to worry about, just the original undisturbed smooth surface.

Museum Display Case Sound: Add immersive audio to the glass surfaces of museum display cases and cabinets. Mount one of our smaller F4 audio devices on the inside of the display case glass to provide music, sound effects or spoken language (perhaps many languages?). Perhaps the sound of a musical instrument exhibited inside the case. The sound decays quickly so only those closest to the glass will hear the sound. And no need for potentially dirty headphones. No untidy grilles or visible boxes.

Unique Micro Vibration Audio: Feonic audio devices deliver wide bandwidth micro-vibrations. Less than 0.002% of other electro-mechanical devices. This ensures there is no damage to structures or delicate surfaces.

Sound Without Speakers -

Case Studies

A few ideas you can use to inspire you on how to turn surfaces into speakers. Feonic technology has a power and flexibility that no other invisible speaker can match. Advantages range from being more powerful sonically than generic gadgets through to being much easier to install than in wall speakers.

Contact us today and you can benefit from our fifteen years of experience in invisible audio solutions. We'll explain all you need to know on how to get sound without speakers.

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