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  1. Hi, My Name is Teddy Wong. Calling from Brunei. I am the Operation Manager for our Ice Cream Department.

    I am looking for more info regds to yr audio speakers ads. Wondering if it workable when attached to a ice cream freezer. We have Upright standing freezer and wondering if yr products will work on any surfaces. Please do sent me brochures and info of your products to my email.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Teddy Wong

    • Hi Teddy

      Thank you for your email and interest in FeONIC Technology

      FeONIC’s vibration speakers can transform any resonant surface into a speaker, so wood, metal, glass and honeycomb surfaces all work very well.
      Sound is created both sides of the surface which is used to great effect on store windows where promotions can be heard inside the store as well as out on the pavement

      If you have details of the freezer you would like to add sound to that would be very helpful so that we can judge the scale of the surface you are wanting to sound

      Whispering Windows uses the F1.3 audio drive, but as your application is more like a point of sale stand I think our smaller Presenter Pro solution would work better for you and give a good place to start your experiments. The Presenter Pro data sheet can be downloaded here http://www.feonic.com/#presenterprogroup

      I will send pricing information via email but in the meantime our RRPs can be found at http://www.feonic.com

      Kind regards

  2. Dear Sarah,
    We are a property management company and would be interested in knowing more about your technology esp in relation to the whispering windows. One query is how does one in input the music into the system in the first place? We have a number of properties lying vacant and are investigating how we could utilise these spaces.
    Will you kindly send further information and cost including any licensing costs involved.
    Tim Hegarty

    • Dear Tim,
      Thank you for your comment and interest in Feonic’s Whispering Window. A standard Whispering Window system comprises of 2 F1.3 audio drives, speaker cable, audio input lead and a suitable amplifier. The amplifier can be connected to any audio source with a headphone socket, popular choices are an Mp3 player, IPod, laptop computer or even, on a few occasions, smartphone. Some installations benefit from the addition of a graphic equaliser.
      Whispering Window has been used very effectively in vacant store windows, either through live performance or recorded arts installations, working during the day and very effectively at night too.
      Examples of past projects can be found on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FeonicTechnology and main website http://www.feonic.com/retail-sector
      If you would like to receive a custom quote please contact me via sarah@feonic.com
      Best regards

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