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Soundbug2 - Sold Out - but don't leave just yet

We have recently experienced a surge of orders for our new Soundbug portable vibration speakers and unfortunately are now out of stock, we are very sorry about this.

Scroll down a little to see the nearest product we have to Soundbug2 - Presenter Pro. A wired product which will turn a table into a speaker for presentations and many other surface speaker solutions.

If you would like to apply to be on our priority waiting list, ready for the next Soundbug2 delivery, please email us.

Many thanks, The Soundbug team

Portable Vibration Speaker Kit - Presenter Pro

While you are here why not learn more about our wide range of audio technologies. Learn how to turn anything into a speaker. Or to for more details of our other sound transducers see our full range of Invisible Speaker Transducers. To buy our products email Feonic to buy direct or we'll find an appropriate reseller near you. The vibration speaker technology page has a summary of our range of products from gadgets through to solutions for commercial and industry audio problems.

Presenter Pro (Stereo) - Turn a Table into a Speaker

Designed initially for the busy executive on the road, our portable travel speaker solution uses wires for more power and to reduce the risk of flat batteries at the wrong time. Simply plug into mains power for the supplied miniture amplifier then place the Presenter Pro Stereo Vibration Speakers in the middle of the boardroom or conference room table. Plug into a portable player and give your audio visual presentation the sound you need to impress.

But today we find our customers use the Presenter Pro kit for many different audio solutions:

  • Professional presentation aid. Driving desks and furniture
  • Small home audio installations
  • Digital Signage, Kiosks and Retail POS
  • Walls, paintings, baths and mirrors
  • Outdoor - walkways & nature trails

Permanent Installation to Create an Invisible Wireless Speaker

For a more permanent, and effectively wireless speaker solution, the Presenter Pro can be mounted underneath a table with our mounting kit. As the extremely high power vibrations turn both sides of the table into a speaker you won't have any clutter from visible wires. A great talking point for the start of any meeting. Break the ice as you ask your visitors to find the source of the great quality audio. They won't believe your entire table surface has been turned into a stereo speaker.

Portable Vibration Speaker Kit Details

  • Portable vibration speaker stereo dual drive F4PRO solution for office and boardroom presentations without the need for bulky PA speakers
  • Supplied with F110S amplifier, PSU, cables
  • International power heads
  • Mini Headphone plug for maximum flexibility - amplify the sound from your notebook, tablet, mp3 player or mobile phone
  • Soft pouch for protection and travel speaker portability rather than bulky PA box speakers
  • Click to find out more about the Presenter Pro
Presenter Pro Portable Vibration Speaker

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Portable Vibration Speaker
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