Acoustic Interior Design for Airport Lounge by Kirsi Ihalainen

Sound artist, designer and audio engineer Kirsi Ihalainen. With an example of interior design with the goal to enhance the acoustic experience in an otherwise stressful environment of an airport.

Acoustic Interior Design for Artwork in Airport lounge

Acoustics in Interior Design. Architectural acoustics enhances experiences and reduces stress

Helsinki Airport, Kainuu Lounge, Gate 31

The installation sounds are recorded in a Finnish forest in Vesilahti, Finland. The top most heard frequencies in the forest are selected for each channel. The sounds have been analysed and according to this information their dominating frequencies have been selected. These frequencies are played back in the installation through sound actuators that are placed inside wood. The actuators make the wood resonate and vibrate: the sound will come from the wood itself making it the speaker. Also Finnish animal sounds are heard occasionally in the space.

Acoustic Interior Design – using Invisible Speaker Audio Technology

In total the sound installation has 8 audio channels with 8 pieces of pine deadwood. The pieces of wood hang from the ceiling are sound enabled using Feonic Invisible Speakers. This audio technology uses high power but low amplitude vibration speakers to turn surfaces into speakers.

Together with the wood the frequency sounds and animal sounds will recreate a space sounding like a Finnish forest.

Finnish Forest Frequencies -­ sound installation has been exhibited previously at Spiral Garden in Tokyo, Japan in May 2014.

This acoustic interior design project is sponsored by Feonic Technology and Aalto University.

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