Turn Anything into a Speaker

Shipping Container - Metal Surface Speakers

How to Turn Anything into a Speaker Do Feonic Vibration Speakers turn anything into a speaker? Nearly. As long as the surface is resonant, which basically means that if you tap it the surface will emit a pleasing sound, then our technology will be able to turn that surface into…

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Adriana Paice – Fragments

Adriana Paice used Feonic’s F4 audio drives to transform stitched canvas into a sounding board. To find out more about her work visit www.adrianapaice.com Here is an overview of the project by Adriana ….. I used the speakers to transform the blocked, stitched, canvas into a sounding board. I connected…

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Pharaohs Brought to Life … with Sound – Museum Display Case Audio

Egyptian Museum Case Audio

Feonic’s Invisible Speakers discreetly create a museum display case audio system. Directional sound as the audio comes directly from the exhibit. Product-  F4 audio drives Researcher –  Francesca Monti Museum Display Case Audio System Many Galleries and Museums around the world have used Feonic’s F4 Presenter Pro product to create…

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