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The Best Storefront Digital Signage Deserves Audio.
Attention Grabbing Music, Voice & Sound Effects.
Digital Window Displays that Boost Sales up to 40%

Feonic Surface Speakers add sounds persuasive power in places and ways you'd never imagine.
NEW: touch control and through glass motion sensing.

Storefront Digital Signage with sound effects
Digital Window Display in Selfridges (London). With music and sound effects from the TV playing through the glass. A Feonic Whispering Window installation

Storefront Digital Signage now with Audio: for powerful audio visual retail design. Feonic Whispering Window has the power to transform storefront windows and advertising display screens into speakers. Attract attention to your digital window display like nothing else can.

Storefront digital signage display. Live Music Event in TOPSHOP, London.
Live Music Event in TOPSHOP, London. Storefront window display becomes a concert venue.
Singer Delilah playing to crowds inside and outside the store.
No outside PA equipment, just Feonic Window Speakers

We provide audio solutions for interactive window displays in high street stores through to interactive bus shelter advertising and in store kiosks. The sound needn't be loud or distracting: attracting attention is often enough.

"Whispering Window® is precisely what we have been waiting for"
Kevin Scully, Visual Merchandising Manager, Peter Jones, London

Creative Digital Signage Design Ideas: Feonic work with the best creative advertising agencies in London, the UK and around the world. Delivering a new benchmark in audio support to Visual Merchandising.

Deliver music, effects and communicate messages in the most unexpected way. Without obvious loudspeakers.

Complete audio and interactive solutions, which include media playback, gesture or touch control and through glass microwave sensing.

Bus Shelter Advertising with Audio and Digital Signage
Digital Signage, Digital Out of Home Ads (DOOH), Bus Shelter Ads. Transformed by sound.
Attract attention to your adverts without dirt magnet grilles or easy to vandalise speakers.

Composition: Award winning musicians, sound designers and sound artists use Feonic Invsisible Speaker technology for innovative promotions and sound art installations. Artworks for The Welcome Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Mittal family.

Animatronics: Create movement within your store front window display. Programme sequenced events and interactions: robotic humans or animals and other moving elements. Innovate to attract the attention of passers by.

Sound effects, music and direct spoken messages bring window displays to life. And crucially, the audio component alone can result in up to a "40% increase in sales of promoted items."
Source: Peter Jones Department Store: London

Better Advertising and Creative Promotion in cities worldwide
Feonic solutions: boosting the best Digital Signage, Digital Out Of Home Advertising (DOOH) and Creative Communication.
Successful projects in London, Singapore, Paris, New York, Chicago and more.

Social Media Sharing of Interactive Window Display with Audio
Attract attention to your digital window displays with sound.
Boost social sharing by encouraging interaction

Creative Design Agencies - Sound Designers - Artists.

Audio for the best ideas in outdoor advertising, museums, galleries, commercial premises and the arts.

  • For retailers, attract attention to your storefront digital signage: don't let people walk by
  • Motion Sensing to detect people so your window can say "hello". Sometimes that's all it needs. Interactivity through touch and gesture control
  • Advertising agencies using digital signage audio effects: the best promotional ideas are enhanced by sound.
  • For a creative sound designer or sound artist: innovative creations can't be spoiled by untidy loudspeaker boxes, wires and grilles
  • Mount our speakers under the floor, in walls, on ceilings, on glass windows. Any resonant surface. Add directional sound exactly where it is needed

Add sounds persuasive power to your best digital signage display ideas.

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Contact us today and you can benefit from our fifteen year experience in creative promotions using sound or we'll help you find the ideal promotion and DOOH advertising agency with experience using our audio technology.

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